Hedreich Nichols

Time Now, Art on Ice And More

“So Hot” was song and sound at this year’s Art on Ice VIP parties. The Gary Scott Band kept the party going with Gary augmenting the performance of his 8 piece ensemble by inviting stellar singers and musicians on stage to play with his dream team. GSB even played Toxic, the first cut from “Time Now” which has been selling steadily over hedreich.com. Toward Summer Hedreich’s fans can look for broader distribution in Switzerland and possibly abroad.

As things begin to thaw, our vocal all-arounder is on the move playing musical chameleon as only she can. Some Jazz at a ball or two, Das Zelt with Phil Dankner, 2 seminars plus music from Time Now with her band “The Boyz” will be keeping fans entertained while keeping her musically tuned and in tune! Check out the calendar to catch her doing her thing live at a venue near you.