Hedreich Nichols

April 2010


Tomorrow in Bern, Hedreich turned “Hedu” will be playing with the Groove Factory band at the in location du Nord Bern. And if you’re tuned in to Capitol FM earlier in the day you’ll be able to even hear her opinions on sports and music in an interview with Nik Eugster. Of course music from Time Now will be on the list of favorites!

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Culture in the Cellar

The long awaited day finally arrived. On Friday evening Hedreich invited fans, music lovers and hosts of new ears to a concert that once again put her incredible talent on display. The Kulturkeller Preisig in Richterswil provided the perfect backdrop for an intimate and unforgettable concert. The sold-out crowd waited expectantly for the star of the evening—finally the moment came. It was a world class show. For over 90 minutes Hedreich and the Boyz took listeners on a musical journey through her musical homeland with specially chosen songs from a myriad of genres. It was all there, from country to Jazz, R& B and soulful ballads. Naturally she presented titles from her new Album Time Now giving the audience a concert that left nothing wanting—except another encore. Laying the very groovy floor was a top notch band with Tom Gisler on Keys, Randy Müller on Guitar and Jost Müller on percussion. And of course Hedreich wouldn’t be Hedreich had she not gotten the audience in on the act. Her music filled the Kulturkeller, built in 1604, not only with pearls of culture but with a freeing charisma that cast a spell on house and hearer alike.

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Hedreich Nichols and das office

It’s official! The partnership between Hedreich Nichols and Das Office is getting off to a running start. In addition to being available on hedreich.com, Time Now will soon be distributed by cede.ch here as well as in Austria and Germany. Additionally you can expect to be hearing the radio single “Toxic” nationwide soon. If you don’t, get on the horn and ask your local DJ to play it!! And if you can’t wait, order here now!

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