Hedreich Nichols

February 2009

All’s Well That Ends Well

Sometimes you start out on a path that leads you to absolutely nowhere you want to be. While at Balikfarm studio acting as vocal coach and poetry police, Hedreich found herself in a front row seat for the “big story” du jour. In one day Gölä killed the studio project that wasn’t happening and quit Musicstar, the Swiss version of American Idol. Almost simultaneously Hedreich decided to cancel the planned recording of “Listen”. “Recording “Listen” would have been a wonderful tribute to a great performance moment but Beyonce already did it so well… so for those who were hoping to buy it as a single, I hope you’ll be just as excited to get my next CD.” Hedreich’s singer/songwriter self is growing, evolving. And one thing is for sure. Just like the Bernese working man, if it ain’t working, she’ll back up and take off in a better direction.

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This week finds Hedreich in the studio working as vocal coach for Gölä on his latest project. Although the Musicstar chaos did make for some, uhh, interesting interruptions, the gang had fun and got some good tracks put down. English? German? Swissgerman? Since Hedreich is fluent in all 3 “languages”, you’ll have to stop back by to get the scoop. See ya soon!

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The third in the series Power in Our Heart went off without a hitch and the Choir even tried out some new choreography. It was groovy and touching all at once. This week it’s all about getting ready for next week in the studio. First coaching for Gölä’s new project, then his background vocals. After that Hedreich’s version of “Listen” goes to wax–or at least plastic. Stop back by soon to see how everything goes…

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For those of you who saw Art on Ice you got to hear some really great music from Daniel Powter backed by the GSB. “It was really great working with Daniel. He writes great singable songs and is specific about what he wants from the band. He asked if I’d be interested in touring with him so it’ll be interesting to see what comes of that.”

And for those of you who wrote in about “Listen”, Hedreich will be in the Studio at the end of the month so expect the single to be available soon thereafter. Okay folks, that’s about it for now. Stop back by. We’ll leave a light on for ya…

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Ice Ice baby

The last of the pictures from this year’s bombastic Art on Ice 2009 will be up by the weekend but in the meantime there really is life after AOI. If you’re watching Music Star, you just might catch Hedreich doing the Chiratbella bit. Of course, if your Sunday nights are otherwise taken, you can check out Chirat.ch and download her “I Want You” directly to your ringtone file .


And already the restful February is filling up with a flash flood of the unexpected. Gölä, Switzerland’s double platinum Bernese singer, will be going back into the studio later this month and he’s taking his favorite vocal coach with him to help him get the best onto wax. And when this one comes out you’ll get to hear Hedreich backing him up on some really great tunes. Keep your ear to the ground. There may be some nice surprises coming up with that one…

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Art On Ice

Of course if you like Gospel, Hedreich will be stepping into her Choir digs for the 3rd of the “Power in Our Heart” series. Check out the calendar for details.
And to keep on top of the latest, stop back by soon. We’ll leave a light on for ya!

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Art On Ice is History

Well folks, Art on Ice 2009 is now officially over. If you were one of the 75,000 people saw it live, you were lucky enough to experience true magic. Swiss TV 1’s production was an excellent cross-section of the production’s highlights. And Hedreich’s “Listen” with Shizuka Arakawa was one of the show’s finest moments. In case you missed it on February 7th, it will be repeated (for the nighthawks) on Sunday February 8th at 1:15AM and Wednesday 1:45 in the afternoon. And if you miss it altogether Chiratbella will be singing again this month during Musicstar!! picture: Phillippe Jung

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Lausanne, get ready

Well folks, 6 down 2 to go. Zürich’s 6 sold out shows were the biggest and best ever, shortly to be repeated in Lausanne. And if you were one of the lucky few to have been at the VIP after parties, you could just feel the celebration. Hedreich along with Tanja Dankner, Lesley Bogaert and the Gary Scott Band kept the party in high gear and the music went “on and on till the break of dawn”! More soon…

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Art On Ice

Have you seen the show? Art on Ice? AMAZING!
There’s lot’s more news to come but for the moment all eyes are on the ice. Stephane Lambiel and Sarah Meier, the home team favorites are there as well as darlings from former Art on Ice shows like Aljona Savchenko & Robin Szolkowy . But this year’s surprise favorite “couple” is Shizuka Arakawa with Hedreich Nichols performing “Listen”. The reigning Olympic champion is magic on the ice and Hedreich’s performance is absolutely incredible! Luckily if you miss it you’ll see it televised some time in February. Stop back by soon for all the latest details with some really great pictures.

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Back and baaad…

After spending a few months in the US working on the three „Rs“–ranching riding and (w)riting, our artist is back and she’s baaaaad!! In addition to innovative new arrangements and streams of creativity, she’s brought back loads of fresh energy to her performances. Drummer Martin Kissling from Bern commented that her live performance was even more powerful, more dynamic than usual. Hmm, who’d have thought that possible?!

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