How do you eat an elephant?

How do you ensure that every student in your district has equitable access to high-quality instruction?

What supports do you offer to guarantee that every teacher gets ongoing mentoring and coaching that build capacity and prevent burnout?

Does your success plan include offering campus and district leaders the coaching and professional learning they need to identify opportunities for growth and implement actionable steps to close achievement gaps and ensure learning for every student?

Finally, in the face of rapidly evolving technologies like AI and the ever-changing digital landscape, are you developing policies and learning opportunities that lead to equitable access and success for both staff and students?

Ensuring a path to success for everyone in your learning community can seem overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be. SmallBites Educational Consulting can help you transform those big questions into actionable steps. We go beyond just talking about equity and access to high-quality instruction – we help you find and implement real solutions for every student, every teacher, every leader–one small bite-sized strategy at a time.



Unlock powerful K12 professional learning for closing achievement gaps for small bite changes with big impact.

Our research-driven strategies empower educators with actionable steps to personalize learning, address diverse needs, and unlock student potential. See how SmallBites PD can revolutionize your approach to K12 professional development.

Linking Campus Culture to Content

SmallBites LLC provides  engaging, non-provocative sessions that will help you effectively make strategic mindset, curriculum and protocol changes that transform student outcomes. Whether your goal is to better understand and teach students from diverse populations or just to help your students become more empathetic and respectful, SmallBites LLC has an option to meet your professional development needs.

Our Services

Whether you need a guest speaker, professional development at the campus or district level or just coaching for something specific like an upcoming heritage celebration or code of conduct review, SmallBites LLC can help you develop necessary competencies with solutions that engage, inspire and impact student outcomes.


Close achievement gaps and ignite student potential with K12 professional learning. SmallBites PD offers research-based, interactive workshops designed to drive measurable school improvement. We equip educators with actionable strategies to close the gap, elevate student engagement, and bolster teacher well-being. Whether you're a PLC pro or just starting out, SmallBites PD is the perfect solution. Contact us today to explore customizable workshops for your unique needs.

Book Studies and Read-alouds

Schedule a book study for your PLC where you will learn teaching strategies on Hedreich's books and included activities. Or book a read-aloud for your students. With Hedreich's Racial Justice in America series and upcoming titles on STEM, the Harlem Renaissance and Black Wall Street, students can learn about diverse cultures, have questions about delicate topics answered by a knowledgeable researcher and meet a real live author.

Speaking Services

Ignite student success with Hedreich's dynamic keynotes. Combining research and 17 years of classroom and leadership experience, Hedreich delivers inspiring and practical presentations that equip educators with actionable strategies for sustainable work models, leveraging edtech & AI, and reaching all learners. Empower your staff to foster better relationships, close achievement gaps, and prepare students for the age of AI. Hedreich's keynotes prepare educators to make a lasting impact on students, staff, and families.

Coaching sessions

Not ready for a full workshop or course? Book a 30 minute coaching session to help you gain knowledge on a specific issue or problem. Individual coaching is perfect for making small impactful changes to class materials, curriculum, or codes of conduct. 

Guest Podcasts and Interviews

Learn more about Hedreich, SmallBites and creating more inclusive, equitable spaces in which all voices are represented. Check back often for more content.


Articles and Books

Research Plus Lived Experience

As an educator and consultant, Hedreich has been able to use her experiences as a student from the non-dominant culture and a Black educator in often mostly White spaces to help frame and guide conversations on how we other.

Her research and her years in both homogeneous and diverse classrooms has enabled her to convert those experiences into vital lessons for today’s educator.

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