Angels Watching Over Me

I met an old friend today. It was the kind of chance meeting that makes the world a brighter, shinier place. As we shared stories and pictures of children, goddogs and granddogs,  she told me that her husband says, “Coincidences are when God wants to remain anonymous”.

My new, old friend’s husband is absolutely right and this summer has been a summer of coincidences. 

Sometimes, when the path is stonier than usual, those angelic meetings are what help us to keep it moving. In the last 4 weeks, I have had 4 such meetings. These ladies are golden threads in the tapestry of my summer. Juggling grad school, work and 365/24/7 solo parenting is like doing the Ironman Triathlon. You get much street cred for completing the course, but you have got to have those water-squirters on the sidelines! I know I have sewing and sports metaphors all jumbled up but HEY! This is exciting stuff! In a world where the news and social media show us so much ugliness, it’s just great to be reminded that the world can be a really nice place to be. And it’s great to be reminded that there are no coincidences; there really are angels watching over us.

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