Mama’s Got a Brand New Bag

VisageHello 2014!

It’s been a helluva last 5 years.In 2008 I had the house, the car, the career and the family when a shocking call from a doctor blew it all to bits. The ensuing 5 year traumagedy easily rivaled Shakespeare and almost got me a box seat in a little blue room.

Now, 1 down-to-there weave, husband and Swiss village dream house lighter, my life is open road to a peaceful future filled with whatever I choose. Now, if I’m honest, there are days when that road has felt more like a stony, pothole filled road to who-knows-ville. But as O says, what I know for sure is that once grieving for the past is done, embracing change can be a beautiful thing. It’s like getting a blank canvas. Well, maybe not blank, more liked erased, which is better than blank. All that water under the bridge, those tested and discarded colors and brushstrokes can now be recycled, reused and re-invented to make something fresh and new. I take pride in the picture that’s starting to emerge. I don’t know if I’m “faster than a speeding bullet or more powerful than a locomotive” But I am blessed to be able to gather speed and fly, the world mine for the taking! Or retaking. So watch out y’all, ’cause mama’s definitely got a brand new bag!

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