New Attitude II

Hello fans, family and friends! I am proud to introduce the new news format and its author– me!!  You’ll have noticed that there have been fewer entries than in the past as well as some noticeable gaps. I’m sorry if it feels like I’ve been ignoring you, but I’ve been readjusting, reorienting, retooling this thing called life. Going from musician to educator is a Big Job. It’s not like I haven’t been teaching and training all the while. And it’s not like I’ll leave music completely by the wayside, I couldn’t if I tried! But with my new focus primarily on being an educator, you can look forward to more blog-style musings on motherhood, culture and life in general, as well as an educational blog link that will grow and evolve as that part of my life develops. Hope you’ll stop by and check in. As always, we’ll leave a light on for ya!


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