Watch out, Glee!!

Music, drama and dance, that’s what it’s all about coming up to the new school year. Hedreich has launched M&A, a performing arts school without walls to take music and the arts directly to the people! In addition to doing seminars and workshops for adults and teens, M&A gives Hedreich the opportunity to share the gift of music with the younger set.  Focusing on children ages 2 to 12, Hedreich has created a set of classes to introduce children to basic theory and technique in singing, dramatic interpretation and creative movement and dance. In a fun and nurturing environment, even the most bashful children build self-esteem and gain confidence not only for performance but for life. Because the classes can be individually tailored to meet the needs of a specific age group or student sub-set, M&A can offer the benefits of ongoing fine arts education to smaller schools and home-schooling centers as well as in classes or special projects for after-school programs or larger campuses.  This coming semester’s master syllabus has some great song and dance highlights so if you miss your favorite episode of Glee, keep an eye out for an M&A class or performance near you!

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