Hedreich Nichols

Time Now

Here, There and Everywhere

If the paparazzi photographed inside cover music industry appearances, Hedreich– primarily known as a singer and a teacher– would grace the cover of quite a few rags this year. Of course you know her lyric and cover writing from her own Time Now but this year she also helped out on Nubya’s newly released Today and Miracle Flair’s Inner Peace of Mind. Even Tanja Dankner’s Somewhere got a friendly once-over. But just in case you think she’s left the stage and studios for a new career, no worries. Hedreich can be heard on the Gölä and the Bellamy Brothers’ 2010 release that just went double platinum! Give it a listen. And check back soon for Hedreich’s upcoming concert dates. We’ll leave a light on for ya!

Happy Birthday Baby!!

Ever pulled out an old CD and thought, “Darn, this sounds good!”? Well, if you haven’t listened to Time Now for a while now it may be time to pull it out–if you ever put it away, that is! Hedreich’s first singer-songwriter collection is as fresh, groovy and uplifting now as it was a year ago when it was released. So go ahead, revisit and rediscover the music of Time Now!

Coming to a venue near you…

…or not! After a whirlwind 2 year season stuffed to overflowing with high profile concerts, Time Now‘s release, seminars, music classes and coaching on top of family and tons of other busyness, our favorite girl singer is journeying into spring on a new road–less is more. While this in no way means that Hedreich is stepping down from the stage, as she rides into a new phase with a saner pace you’ll be hearing more about her inner creative world and how that will impact others. Sound exciting? It is! Listen out for new news centering on composing, producing and education. Stop by soon. We’ll keep a light on for ya!

Ein Neues Jahr mit vielen neuen Anfängen

Was für ein Jahr 2010 doch war! Mit so vielen Highlights – die Veröffentlichung von Time Now, eine Single in den höchsten Rängen des SF Votings, die Einbindung von meinen Kompositionen in verschiedenen TV Sendungen – jetzt wieder von ganze vorne zu beginnen scheint wirklich schwierig. Das heisst, es wäre es vielleicht, wenn 2011 nicht schon in vollem Gang wäre. Dieses Jahr wird der Schwerpunkt etwas mehr auf Ausbildung gelegt und so wird ‘Hedreich, die Lehrerin’ wird vermehrt vor der Wandtafel zu finden sein. Mehr dazu aber etwas später in diesem Jahr. Und was den Schwerpunkt auf der Performance-Seite betrifft, so setzt der diesjährige Auftakt mit “Hedreich and the Boyz” im Zürcher Bohemia die Massstäbe. Falls ihr nicht selber dabei sein könnt, stellt doch Zürisee oder DRS ein oder besucht wrsp936.com. Ihr werdet “unser Lied” bestimmt im Radio hören.

New year, new beginnings

What a year 2010 was! With so many highlights–releasing Time Now, having a SF top rated single, having my compositions integrated into TV shows–the urge to call do-overs is hard to get over. Well, it might be if 2011 wasn’t already in full swing. With some of the focus shifting to education, this year will find ‘Hedreich the teacher’ moving a little closer to center stage. More on that a little later in the year. And on the performance front, this year’s kick-off with “Hedreich and the Boyz” at Zürich’s Bohemian will set the tone. If you can’t make it, tune in to Zürisee or DRS or wrsp936.com. You’ll hear “our song” playing on the radio.

TV, Concerts and More

If you haven’t had a chance to get to any live performances lately, you’ve had ample opportunity to catch a little of Hedreich’s “Girlfriends” (from Time Now) helping to make your mouth water on TeleZüri’s SwissDinner or even see her do “Song About…” live and very unplugged on TSO. Or maybe you’ve caught her own soulful “I Found Love” on Zürisee or heard her backing Gölä, Bligg and Xavier Naidoo on their latest releases. Missed all that too? Well check out the calendar, there’s more to come! In the mean time, get a copy of Time Now for Christmas. It’s the perfect gift and the ideal music for those snowy, romantic evenings.

The three Ss

Sagibeiz, “Song About…” and standing ovation are the words of the day. First, the Sagibeiz concert was sensational! Greg Galli, Jost Müller and Randy Müller put a perfect live spin on Time Now and Hedreich was, as usual, in top form. To keep it fresh, Hedreich and the Boyz debuted two hot-off-the-press tunes much to the delight of the moving and grooving crowd who rewarded one of Switzerland’s best live acts with not one but two standing ovations!

On the video front, “Song About…” has made the transition to tv –did you see it?! If you haven’t, here’s your chance to watch now . And to keep it in SFtv’s top 20, vote now!
And if you haven’t yet fugured out what “Song About…” really is about, drop back by hedreich.com in the next few days to get the answer!

SF tv, Sagibeiz and more

If this week’s highlight was trading Time Now with Tanya Dankner for Somewhere, playing Time Now Thursday on the lake at the historic Sagibeiz will definitely be next week’s crème de la crème. Hedreich will be previewing a couple of hot-off-the-press compositions which will have you waiting for bated breath for her next recording. And if you just can’t make get out to experience it live, watch the “Song About…” video on Swiss tv’s Roboclip and vote. Can we turn it into a top 10 hit? Yes We Can, with YOUR help!

Pure Magic

Incredible weather and surprisingly authentic Creole and soul food set the stage for the Time Now Release concert and party. Hedreich and the Boyz played a better game than Uruguay or France and rocked the full house. Hedreich was her usual earthy, charming self, amusing the audience between songs with “making of” anecdotes. Jost Müller on Cajon, Matthias Urech on Guitar and Greg Galli on Piano carried Hedreich’s vocals with tenderness and fire giving her the chance to sing her songs, raw, groovy, soulful. The result was pure magic.

What could be more fun than a CD Release party? How about the first video shoot?! Come back in a few days to find out all about the filming of “Song About…” at the Glarus Mitte Living Room

Final Countdown

Heard Toxic on the radio and want to hear it live?! Then come and be a part of the CD release celebration! Next Friday Hedreich and the Boyz will put an accoustic spin on music from Time Now that will make you laugh, cry and rejoice that this CD made it into being. The concert tickets are 25.– and the concert plus a “starter” of Gault Millaut soul food 75.–. See you there!