Hedreich Nichols

Equity Coaching and Consulting

In addition to books, articles and and podcasts, SmallBites LLC can provide keynotes and professional development courses for schools and districts on equity, restorative justice and student engagement.

Professional development courses can be chosen from the list below or can be tailor made to fit your staff training needs.

Contact SmallBites LLC to find out how your organization can create a more inclusive, student centered learning environment.

Courses include:

Diverse Classrooms 101-An introduction to teaching in diverse settings

Everyone Belongs!-Strategies for teaching kindness and acceptance to young learners

Stories Matter-Exploring historical events and impact through diverse stories in the classroom

Media Literacy for Young Learners-Exploring fact, fiction and language that can make a difference

Media Literacy for Secondary Students-Teaching truths, untruths and what’s in between

SEL and Academic Gains-Making socio-emotional learning count for every student

Bias and Belonging I-Exploring personal bias to make your campus as a safe and inclusive space for all (also available as a coaching session)

Bias and Belonging II-Creating a more inclusive campus through evidence-based practices centering on the concept of ‘belonging’

The Four Cs of Equity-Impacting classroom and community through equitable teaching practices

Civil Discourse and Diverse Populations-Strategies for teaching civil discourse through student facilitated conversations

Mining History for Diverse Narratives-Researching the sidebars of history to uncover missing stories and events

Affinity Groups-Guidelines for educators sponsoring campus affinity groups (i.e., LGBTQ+ student alliance, BSA, ASA, HSA, AllySA, etc.)

Culturally Responsive Parent Communication-SEL practices for ensuring that all stakeholder voices are heard and valued