Hedreich Nichols


Hedreich Nichols is a speaker, adult educator and tech integration specialist dedicated to helping educators create innovative, student-driven learning environments. Her workshops and courses as an expert trainer on teacher efficacy and cultural literacy have helped districts across the country and across the globe implement research-based practices that improve academic outcomes for all students.

Hedreich’s adult education impact is broadened through her work as an author.  With her award-winning Solution Tree book, “Finding Your Blind Spots: 8 Guiding Principles to Overcome Implicit Bias in Teaching,” Hedreich melds her educational experiences and unique perspective as a  recurring “One Black Friend” with academic research to help teachers and leaders better support today’s increasingly diverse and globally connected students.

As a blogger and writer for online platforms like Edutopia and Cult of Pedagogy, Hedreich regularly provides innovative ideas and resources to help teachers continue to learn and grow. Hedreich has also published five supplementary readers for grades 4-8 with Cherry Lake Publishing, further supporting her mission within the classroom.

Hedreich’s impact on the field of education is broadened through her work as a speaker and welcome podcast guest, as well as through her own podcast, “SmallBites”. Through podcasts, as well as conferences like ISTE and CUE, Hedreich effectively utilizes her voice to drive educational change that centers students and impacts academic and social outcomes.

Prior to her current work as an author speaker and adult educator, Hedreich had a successful career as a musician and music educator, earning a Grammy nomination as a singer, and a double-platinum CD for arranging.

Hedreich holds a Master of Education degree in Educational Technology from Texas A&M University, further complementing her wealth of knowledge and experience in the field of education.

Hedreich Nichols, author, speaker and adult educator, passionate about helping educators dedicated to transformative academic and social change.