Hedreich Nichols

On Tour!

The Inspirational Singers’ concert was so full that finally people had to unfortunately be turned away to avoid problems with the fire marshall. (What is it with Hedreich and law officials these days?!) The concert was by all accounts amazing with the whole aggregation up singing, clapping and rocking from side to side. In addition to an excellent performance by Hedreich and her choir, 11 year old Tiziana Krämer dazzled the audience with her rendition of Miley Cyrus’ “The Climb”.

Moving ahead, Hedreich did some dazzling of her own at Tropenhaus Frutigen (http://www.tropenhaus-frutigen.ch). Backed up by an all-star band, she got the illustrious crowd singing and dancing with some old favorites as well as a couple of tunes from her upcoming CD. She was even heard gracing Russian ambassador Igor Bratchikov with her own rendition of Moscow Evenings–in Russian! Finally on the 29th, Hedreich was once again with singing Gospel with the Konolfingen ad hoc Advent workshop choir for their 10th anniversary. After rehearsing all day Saturday and Sunday, she once again managed to get the choir and standing room only crowd up singing and swinging! Stop back by and we’ll see if we can get some pictures up soon!