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Hedreich Nichols’ M&A

M&AMusicDramaDance_Jul12_AD3_rgAfter Hawaii, one would think the DFW winter a bit pale in comparison but not with several student performances to prepare for. Check the education page and send an e-mail to enroll your child in an M&A fine arts class near you. M&A kids are singing, acting, or dancing all while  learning theory and cool fine arts facts, making friends and building self-esteem. Spring/Summer registration are underway and this month is open house so drop by and join in on all the fun.

Moving Forward, Looking Back

As with most of us, the coming year’s end is a time where we look back over the year, hopefully without too many regrets. It’s also the time where we feel the excitement of a new year fast approaching, ripe with new possibilities.

For the first time in almost two decades, Hedreich will be celebrating Thanksgiving, Christmas and the New Year on the home shores of Texas. After many seasons performing and singing on wonderful stages all over Europe, this year will be a quiet departure from the status quo, setting the stage for a whole new chapter. But in the meantime, she’ll be sharing sounds and images of performances gone by. Stop in over the next few weeks for a few highlights like this one. Here she is with Joe Sample and the Crusaders on Germany’s Ohne Filter back in the late 80s.

Watch out, Glee!!

Music, drama and dance, that’s what it’s all about coming up to the new school year. Hedreich has launched M&A, a performing arts school without walls to take music and the arts directly to the people! In addition to doing seminars and workshops for adults and teens, M&A gives Hedreich the opportunity to share the gift of music with the younger set.  Focusing on children ages 2 to 12, Hedreich has created a set of classes to introduce children to basic theory and technique in singing, dramatic interpretation and creative movement and dance. In a fun and nurturing environment, even the most bashful children build self-esteem and gain confidence not only for performance but for life. Because the classes can be individually tailored to meet the needs of a specific age group or student sub-set, M&A can offer the benefits of ongoing fine arts education to smaller schools and home-schooling centers as well as in classes or special projects for after-school programs or larger campuses.  This coming semester’s master syllabus has some great song and dance highlights so if you miss your favorite episode of Glee, keep an eye out for an M&A class or performance near you!

Countowndown to 2012

With ESC a thing of the past and only 3 appearances till the holidays, Hedreich is already working on next year’s line-up. An exciting year with live concerts and master classes, it looks like the singing commuter will be able to rack up quite a few frequent flyer miles! And if you are in the mood for song and comedy, Hedreich will be making her “Mad”-esque debut on Nachtfieber in Olten just before ringing in the new year. It’ll be a great evening of comedy and song. Don’t miss it!

Hands-on Thankfulness

As you have read here on hedreich.com, our favorite performer will be focusing on one of her favorite things this year–education. Hedreich is volunteering with young people in underserved communities doing what she does best–singing and encouraging people. It’s a side that may not be seen from the stage but one her students know well. Being “hands-on-thankful” is what she calls it. Hedreich and the children will be working together over the months to come, building a musical program that will allow young voices to be heard. Stop back by for progress reports. We’ll keep a light on for ya!

Workshop: The Transformer

Das Zelt’s gala night went off without a hitch and Hedreich is already preparing for the next musical events. After subbing for Sascha Oberholzer at this weekend’s private affair with Just Jazz, Hedreich will be doing final preparation for the choral workshop in Stans where she will transform 80 singers into a Gospel choir in 8 hours. Don’t believe it?! Come watch Hedreich flex her muscles as arranger, teacher and director. Unfortunately it’s too late to register to sing but the proof is in the pudding–or in this case, the concert. See you there!

On Tour!

The Inspirational Singers’ concert was so full that finally people had to unfortunately be turned away to avoid problems with the fire marshall. (What is it with Hedreich and law officials these days?!) The concert was by all accounts amazing with the whole aggregation up singing, clapping and rocking from side to side. In addition to an excellent performance by Hedreich and her choir, 11 year old Tiziana Krämer dazzled the audience with her rendition of Miley Cyrus’ “The Climb”.

Moving ahead, Hedreich did some dazzling of her own at Tropenhaus Frutigen (http://www.tropenhaus-frutigen.ch). Backed up by an all-star band, she got the illustrious crowd singing and dancing with some old favorites as well as a couple of tunes from her upcoming CD. She was even heard gracing Russian ambassador Igor Bratchikov with her own rendition of Moscow Evenings–in Russian! Finally on the 29th, Hedreich was once again with singing Gospel with the Konolfingen ad hoc Advent workshop choir for their 10th anniversary. After rehearsing all day Saturday and Sunday, she once again managed to get the choir and standing room only crowd up singing and swinging! Stop back by and we’ll see if we can get some pictures up soon!