Hedreich Nichols


Happy Birthday Baby!!

Ever pulled out an old CD and thought, “Darn, this sounds good!”? Well, if you haven’t listened to Time Now for a while now it may be time to pull it out–if you ever put it away, that is! Hedreich’s first singer-songwriter collection is as fresh, groovy and uplifting now as it was a year ago when it was released. So go ahead, revisit and rediscover the music of Time Now!

Final Countdown

Heard Toxic on the radio and want to hear it live?! Then come and be a part of the CD release celebration! Next Friday Hedreich and the Boyz will put an accoustic spin on music from Time Now that will make you laugh, cry and rejoice that this CD made it into being. The concert tickets are 25.– and the concert plus a “starter” of Gault Millaut soul food 75.–. See you there!

Hedreich Nichols and das office

It’s official! The partnership between Hedreich Nichols and Das Office is getting off to a running start. In addition to being available on hedreich.com, Time Now will soon be distributed by cede.ch here as well as in Austria and Germany. Additionally you can expect to be hearing the radio single “Toxic” nationwide soon. If you don’t, get on the horn and ask your local DJ to play it!! And if you can’t wait, order here now!

Time Now out now!

The wait is over!! For fans who have been wating with bated breath for the CD to be finished, limited edition copies are now available through hedreich.com!! Hedreich, who has traditionally called herself an arranger, went singer-songwriter in a big way penning over 30 songs since last March. An album full of passion and pain, you won’t want to miss it!

Hibernation over!

January is customarily the time when our artist can relax, review and rejuvenate. That was almost the case. She relaxed at the piano while composing, reviewed and re-reviewed graphics and artwork for the upcoming CD and rejuvenation–well, making music rejuvenates! Now, gearing up for some more studio work with Gölä as well as upcoming performances with party bands Just Jazz and the Gary Scott Band, 2010 is off to a running start. Additionally you can start to look for performances in your area to promote the upcoming CD. Check back soon so you don’t miss anything!

Happy New Decade!!

The futuristic year 2010 came in with a bang at the Tschuggen Grand in Arosa. Hedreich and the Gary Scott Band kept the party going till the fireworks started and the gayly turned out crowd showed their appreciation by keeping the dance floor full and breaking only to grab morsels of the delectable edibles.

Now, safely nestled in the wintery Alpine countryside with a
couple of weeks off from the stage, our artist is busily working on the last phase of the CD production. Graphics, booklet, CD, PR and more. Stop back by to find out if there’s a release event near you.

Advent–of Another Kind

Since there was probably no star shining over Chicago’s Gravity Studios at 2am, we thought we’d announce it here–the baby is born! No, not that baby. And maybe it’s reaching a little to compare the two. Still, we’re proud to announce that the CD is finished! Doug McBride did the mastering with mixing engeneer James Auwarter and his assistant Miela giving valuable inputs. The first couple of reactions have been more than positive and although sudden peace on earth is probably not imminent, you can expect a good sound and rich stories that will hopefully make your corner of the world a tiny bit brighter. We’ll keep you posted on availability, concerts and all that jazz.

On other fronts, Vienna with the Inspirational Singers was exactly that–inspirational. With good music, incredibly beautiful venues like Schonbrunn at Christmastime and the Viennese guildhall (pictured) it was a picture postcard perfect.
With that, we here at hedreich.com would like to wish you the best and brightest of holidays with hopes that the magic and miracle of a long ago birth will carry you through the season and on into a prosperous 2010. If we don’t see you at the Tschuggen Grand Hotel in Arosa, see you next year!

Davos Sounds Good

This past Tuesday found Hedreich rocking the Davos culture prize ceremony. Yes, you read it right, rocking it! The distinguished guests at this formal ceremony morphed into a choir under Hedreich’s tutelage as they learned and helped to sing two songs from her upcoming CD. The evening found them dancing, clapping and singing along at this two-part event, staged at the Kirchener Museum and the Hotel Europe piano bar. Along with Tom Gisler on keys and Jost Müller on Cajon, the Culture Committe from Davos celebrated the evening in high musical style.

And on the CD front, we’d like to welcome aboard James Auwater or Chicago, Illinois. He’ll be spending the next weeks mixing the project to perfection–and he’s got the credentials to do it!
“The writing and recording phase was MUCH easier, ” says Hedreich. “This waiting is horrible!! It must be what it’s like to be a dad waiting for the baby to be born!” says Hedreich.

At least our artist will be spared the pacing in the waiting room. Although she will have the task of listening, revising and approving all mixes, while waiting she will have the honor of attending the Vienna International Choir Festival. The Inspirational Singers, will be singing in and around Vienna, including at the prestigious Schonbrunn Palace. Stop back by for details or join Hedreich’s facebook fan page to stay up to the minute on all the latest news.

On Tour!

The Inspirational Singers’ concert was so full that finally people had to unfortunately be turned away to avoid problems with the fire marshall. (What is it with Hedreich and law officials these days?!) The concert was by all accounts amazing with the whole aggregation up singing, clapping and rocking from side to side. In addition to an excellent performance by Hedreich and her choir, 11 year old Tiziana Krämer dazzled the audience with her rendition of Miley Cyrus’ “The Climb”.

Moving ahead, Hedreich did some dazzling of her own at Tropenhaus Frutigen (http://www.tropenhaus-frutigen.ch). Backed up by an all-star band, she got the illustrious crowd singing and dancing with some old favorites as well as a couple of tunes from her upcoming CD. She was even heard gracing Russian ambassador Igor Bratchikov with her own rendition of Moscow Evenings–in Russian! Finally on the 29th, Hedreich was once again with singing Gospel with the Konolfingen ad hoc Advent workshop choir for their 10th anniversary. After rehearsing all day Saturday and Sunday, she once again managed to get the choir and standing room only crowd up singing and swinging! Stop back by and we’ll see if we can get some pictures up soon!

On Swine Flu and Gospel…

Weeeeellll, the Tibiz gig did take place this time. But if you read the Blick (Switzerland’s answer to the Enquirer) you know that Tanja Dankner didn’t make it because of virus du jour H1N1. Still, with Nubya subbing for her and Hedreich previewing songs from her upcoming CD, a good time was definitely had by all. Hedreich.com’s Simon Gisler was even on hand with a mike in his hand! And on the home front, barring any major illnesses or minor ones requiring mass quarantine, this Sunday will see the 11th annual concert of the Inspirational Singers in the Netstal Protestant Church at 5PM. The concert come to be known in Glarnerland as the start of the Advent season. In case you don’t make it, stop back by next week to get the details! In the mean time, we’ll leave a light on for ya…