Hedreich Nichols


“Legändä und Heldä” (Legends and Heroes)

After all the excitement of working on the 2011 Bligg tour as well as performing at the Swiss Music Awards, I decided to write a personal letter of praise to the real legends and heroes of the music scene. It’s been a while since I’ve worked with such a well oiled machine. This personable, well-organized crew takes care of stage, sound, lights, wardrobe, catering and a million little details just so we can concentrate on giving you a good show. No canteen minced meat and noodles for our dinner. We are spoiled with fresh cut veggies, succulent fruit, plus red, white AND sparkling. And that’s before dinner. On stage, my bottled water is pre-opened so I don’t strain a hand popping that plastic safety tab. Even at the SMAs our team came in with hands-on, helpful ideas for the green room, the only motivation–to make the musicians’ 14 hour day more comfortable. If you want tour or Swiss Music Awards highlights, check Google or youtube to see me having a blast with Bligg and the band. But when you do, remember that the glamour, glitz and great music are all possible because of the real legends and heroes.

Shout out to the Bligg BAH team. You’re the best!

B is for…

…Bligg AKA Marco Bliggensdorfer, Swiss rapper extraordinaire! Hedreich initially turned down the tour because of commitments with Art on Ice, but she got an emergency call from Bligg’s team after they completed the first concerts with a good singer who wasn’t quite as good a fit as hoped. So, while finishing up the Art on Ice tour, Hedreich started working on music and lyrics for this year’s Swiss Music Awards’ “Best Urban Album” nominee (vote here). No one at Hedreich’s debut performances in Basel and Chur could have ever guessed: She got the material only two days before the first performance! The audiences showed their appreciation– she was amazing! And just think, she’s still got room to grow!

Last CHance!!

If you missed Night of the Guitars 2009 mit Slädu and the Swiss rock scene’s best of the best, you had the chance to see it on TV on the weekend. If you still missed it, set your TV to come on at 4.45. On SF2 you can get rock and roll with the best of the early birds! Hedreich got to see her old buddies Bligg and Gölä and make some new friends. If Shezoo and Fiction Friction are still unknown to you, check them out!!

Night of the Guitars

Join Hedreich and Swiss Rap and Rock favorites like Gölä and Bligg Saturday in Zürich. Slädu will be hosting an event not to be missed. If however you do miss it, check out Swiss national TV to see when it airs. Till then, Rock…and…ROOOOOLLLLLLL!

Hail hail the gang’s all here!

May day will be just past when Hedreich joins Gölä, Bligg and more of the Swiss musical creme de la creme in Zurich for Slädu’s allstar production. Stop back by for the details…

Swiss Rap

At last look our Artist was just getting ready to sub on a few Bligg gigs. According to all accounts Hedreich has proven herself more than worthy as a Swiss Singer. The self proclaimed Swiss wannabe broke ground as an American singer and sang—rather authentically—a whole repertoire of Swiss Hip Hop with Switzerland’s premier rapper Bligg.

After getting a couple of club dates under her belt, the proof was in the pudding at this year‘s University of Zürich Polyparty as well as the Hochybrig Open Air. In front of hundreds of cheering fans Hedreich mixed the soul of the music of her people with the strains of Swiss R&B melodies and rhythmic raps. It was a perfect mix. And when Hedreich appeared in a Swiss native costume for the hit single „Volksmusigg“ (Folks music) with Appenzeller greats Alder, it was over except for the shouting!! The sound was hot enough to warm up even the bundled up crowd in a very chilly Hochybrig!

High School Musical

Meanwhile, back at school, the kids were working just as hard as the pros. At the end of May after three days of intensive music and dance workshops, the students of Leutschen in Freienbach put on the Ritz! After paying homage to Swiss artists Bligg and Gotthard they visited Cuba, Woodstock, Abbey Road, Wien as well as today’s charts with song and dance from “Aisha” to “Who Knew” for their „High School Musical“. The students even wrote their own school song! Sharpay and Ryan would have been green with envy!!

Gospel to Hip-Hop

After the CD drop party Hedreich has just enough time to get ready for a series of Bligg concerts. If you read about the casting call in 20 Minutes, you know that Bligg is looking for a singer to replace longtime partner Lesley Bogart. Until a replacement is found, Hedreich will be doing her “Swiss wannabe” thing with Switzerland’s top Hip-hopper. “For me, it’s a great compliment to be asked to do a job in the Swiss dialect and I’m looking forward to getting as ‘native’ and authentic as I can get,” quips Hedreich. If you want to verify Hedreich’s Swiss German bona fides, check her calendar page to see when they’ll be playing in a neighborhood near you. And stop back soon to catch up on the latest and see and what’s on next. We’ll keep a light on for ya…