Hedreich Nichols

“Legändä und Heldä” (Legends and Heroes)

After all the excitement of working on the 2011 Bligg tour as well as performing at the Swiss Music Awards, I decided to write a personal letter of praise to the real legends and heroes of the music scene. It’s been a while since I’ve worked with such a well oiled machine. This personable, well-organized crew takes care of stage, sound, lights, wardrobe, catering and a million little details just so we can concentrate on giving you a good show. No canteen minced meat and noodles for our dinner. We are spoiled with fresh cut veggies, succulent fruit, plus red, white AND sparkling. And that’s before dinner. On stage, my bottled water is pre-opened so I don’t strain a hand popping that plastic safety tab. Even at the SMAs our team came in with hands-on, helpful ideas for the green room, the only motivation–to make the musicians’ 14 hour day more comfortable. If you want tour or Swiss Music Awards highlights, check Google or youtube to see me having a blast with Bligg and the band. But when you do, remember that the glamour, glitz and great music are all possible because of the real legends and heroes.

Shout out to the Bligg BAH team. You’re the best!