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40 years on stage!

Here_i_amDear Friends, This year I celebrate 40 years on the stage!

That’s right, I did my first theatre production as a little girl 4 decades ago! What a ride it has been!! In looking forward to the next 40 years, there will be some small changes here at hedreich.com. We’ll be simplifying our calendar format and introducing my new blog.

Writing has always been a passion of mine and now, since my focus is not only on music but on education and parenting as well, I’d like to share with you in a more intimate way. You’ve heard loads about the singer, the songwriter, the arranger but now I’d like to share with you about all kinds of things like my recipe for combining a music career and parenting, my take on being a teacher–and a student–in the 10s and maybe even my experience with a cyberstalker. That’s been creepy!

This is a big bold step. Standing on a stage to sing songs you’ve written about your life is opening yourself up to the world in an almost painful way. This takes it to the next level. But I’d like to…I think=). This “boldly going” will be a lovely way to commemorate this 40th anniversary.

à plus tard, Hedreich

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This year has been a year full of big changes for our favorite singer and teacher. For those of us who follow her tweets, we’ve not been quite sure which continent she’s on at any given moment.

So for inquiring minds, Hedreich was on hand for Jeff Strain, long time friend and CEO of Amante International to answer a few questions  about the reasons behind the re-launch of hedreich.com.

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Art On Ice

And speaking of Art on Ice, it won’t be only the Sugarbabes and Lambiel lighting up the night. For the first time Olympic Champion Shizuka Arakawa will be performing to “Listen” played live.

And who else will be performing the show stopping tune from Dreamgirls but our own Hedreich Nichols? If you haven’t gotten your tickets yet, better hurry while there are still good seats left. This will be an Art on Ice highlight not to be missed.

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Singing with the Gary Scott Band

And in case you’d rather dance than sing, Hedreich is singing with a 10 piece band led by New Yorker Gary Scott. They’ve been playing at Seedam Plaza’s Event Dome where the dance floor has been constantly packed.

And in January they’ll be playing with Daniel Powter at this year’s Art On Ice in Zürich’s Hallenstadion. Afterwards they’ll be rocking the house at the VIP parties so the ice skaters and fans can dance till they drop—or until self-imposed curfews take them away from the glamour of the evening.

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Annual Concerts

Since this time of year is a popular time for annual concerts, Hedreich has been doing a lot of seminars and vocal coaching, most notably for the Inspirational Singers and Sweet ‘n’ Sour Pop and Gospelchor. “Working with choirs is really what I love to do. And teaching, helping people to reach their musical goals, well, with the exception of motherhood, there’s just nothing more rewarding,” beams Hedreich.

Additionally, December finds her teaching and singing with Advent choirs in Cantons Bern and Aargau where the music workshops culminate in concerts that delight and warm the hearts of listeners.

To see if you still have the chance to take part in an event in your area, check the calendar.

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Hochybrig Open Air

And speaking of Hochybrig, it was a real who’s who of the Swiss popular music scene. Sandee was there and Gölä as well. Even the rain couldn’t stop the party!! And since Hedreich did the vocal arrangements for Gölä’s new CD which debuted at number 1 on the Swiss charts, she sang along with his girls as well!!

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Swiss Rap

At last look our Artist was just getting ready to sub on a few Bligg gigs. According to all accounts Hedreich has proven herself more than worthy as a Swiss Singer. The self proclaimed Swiss wannabe broke ground as an American singer and sang—rather authentically—a whole repertoire of Swiss Hip Hop with Switzerland’s premier rapper Bligg.

After getting a couple of club dates under her belt, the proof was in the pudding at this year‘s University of Zürich Polyparty as well as the Hochybrig Open Air. In front of hundreds of cheering fans Hedreich mixed the soul of the music of her people with the strains of Swiss R&B melodies and rhythmic raps. It was a perfect mix. And when Hedreich appeared in a Swiss native costume for the hit single „Volksmusigg“ (Folks music) with Appenzeller greats Alder, it was over except for the shouting!! The sound was hot enough to warm up even the bundled up crowd in a very chilly Hochybrig!

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Great Glarus Gospel Extravaganza

And as the curtain fell at Leutschen, the Americans descended in Zürich for the great Glarus Gospel Extravaganza. The Inspirational Singers 10th year anniversary workshop was a complete success with a record 7 songs learned during the 8 hour workshop. Matthias Fritsche laid down the rhythm for Candace on Organ and “Unca D” on piano to perfectly accompany the more than 100 voices from the far reaches of Switzerland and Germany lifted in harmony.

The concert sound was glorious. With the powerpoint backdrop of choir days and workshops gone by and the return of Tabea Geissbühler-now Zingg also on piano, the evening’s concert was the perfect celebration of ten years of growth, togetherness and music. Afterwards, Gret Schnyder’s’s team put together THE ultimate after party where the specially created inspriti drinks and food gave the singers the chance to dance a bit or just to relax and let the day wash over them while listening to live sounds from Dominic Bertschen, Dave Bärtsch and friends.

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High School Musical

Meanwhile, back at school, the kids were working just as hard as the pros. At the end of May after three days of intensive music and dance workshops, the students of Leutschen in Freienbach put on the Ritz! After paying homage to Swiss artists Bligg and Gotthard they visited Cuba, Woodstock, Abbey Road, Wien as well as today’s charts with song and dance from “Aisha” to “Who Knew” for their „High School Musical“. The students even wrote their own school song! Sharpay and Ryan would have been green with envy!!

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Gospel to Hip-Hop

After the CD drop party Hedreich has just enough time to get ready for a series of Bligg concerts. If you read about the casting call in 20 Minutes, you know that Bligg is looking for a singer to replace longtime partner Lesley Bogart. Until a replacement is found, Hedreich will be doing her “Swiss wannabe” thing with Switzerland’s top Hip-hopper. “For me, it’s a great compliment to be asked to do a job in the Swiss dialect and I’m looking forward to getting as ‘native’ and authentic as I can get,” quips Hedreich. If you want to verify Hedreich’s Swiss German bona fides, check her calendar page to see when they’ll be playing in a neighborhood near you. And stop back soon to catch up on the latest and see and what’s on next. We’ll keep a light on for ya…

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