Hedreich Nichols

Melting the Snow

This year began in snowy luxury at the 5 Star Arlberg Hospiz in Austria. The sounds coming off the stage were so hot they could have transformed St. Christoph’s winter wonderland into a Jamaican “get-your-groove-back” beach party. The Gary Scott band featuring Hedreich on vocals kept the dance floor full as the Austrian glitterati partied in ball gowns and cutaways until the wee hours.

Christmas Season

After the Bublé excitement, Hedreich finally had time to turn around at least twice before the Inspirational Singers had its annual concert. The Oberurner church was filled to capacity with a warm and lively audience who sang, clapped and enjoyed a gospelly start to the Christmas Season. By the time the standing ovation died down, the choir was already on the road, taking the Christmas spirit to Zürich. The indoor/outdoor private performance for Zurich AXA at the trendy Blaue Ente was an absolute Triumph.

Michael Bublé

By the time the contest results were posted, our Artist’s phone was already ringing. It seemed Michael Bublé needed singers at the last minute for the concert in Hallenstadion. So after spending about 3 days working on the music on October 29th Hedreich appeared together with Naturally 7 and Michael Bublé in Zurich. “The Canadian orchestra was crazy swinging and the audience was incredible, much different from the usually reserved Zurich audience,” comments Hedreich on what she deems one of 2007’s best concerts.

Studio time with Gölä

While putting a polish and shine on the Inspirational Singers CD, Hedreich got the call that the planned January Gölä studio session would be moved up to October. So while mixing one CD Hedreich found herself simultaneously working on music for the new project due out in Spring, once again doing vocal arrangements and singing as well. Word has it that it is still Rock and Roll and it is in English.

Top marks at the National Swiss Choir Contest

No sooner than the vocals were on the reel, the Inspirational Singers were off to romantic Solothun where they won one for “Fridolin” at the National Swiss Choir Contest. Receiving once again top marks–rank “VERY GOOD”– in a competition that featured the finest choirs in the land was a special honor for this seasoned choir, founded by Hedreich and now going into its’ 10th year. The only modern music choir in a wholly classical setting, they were even chosen to perform before the general assembly at the closing ceremony.

All at once

Wasn’t there just something on here about singing on Italian beaches? And just where did the lazy days of summer go? Whitney Houston’s once popular “All At Once” describes perfectly the last 2 months. As school started with the usual pitter patter of toddler sensibilities walking in grown-up shoes (Ahhh Jr. High, ya gotta love it!), our Artist was busily working with the Inspirational Singers on their first CD, recorded live in front of a full house in late September. “It was an amazing performance, particularly considering the number of personnel changes the choir went through just before the recording!”

Summer / Live Earth

Did you hear her?? Singing on the beach? Summer did find our artist singing on the sandy shores of Tuscany, but it was more like autumn’s blues after losing her Mother-in-law (she was the last grandparent) in early July.

It was in this reflective mood that Hedreich sang on the Live Earth Hallenstadion stage on 7.7.07. Live Earth was a 24-hour, 7-continent concert series that brought together more than 100 artists and 2 billion people to trigger a global movement to solve the climate crisis. With Swiss circuit favorites like Steve Lee and Lunik as well as household names like Genesis and Madonna all taking part, it was a moment of environmental solidarity for the music world.
For Hedreich not only her lifestyle but also her career reflects changes that positively influence the environment. Music for Nature being picked up by the WWF was a special honor. “The producers Lorenz and Beni don’t just talk the talk, they walk the walk. The whole project has been an extension of what they stand for every day. I learned so much good stuff for living while hanging with them!” says Hedreich, who proudly proclaims she lives much more environmentally aware now as opposed to 15 years ago.

Ten years of inspiration

With next year being the 10th anniversary year of the Glarner inspirational Singers, the choir is busier than ever. Hedreich is working overtime as director and musical director putting the concept together. And after vocal classes and an all day workshop in addition to the regular rehearsal schedule, the singers will be ready to rock the house for the upcoming live recording session on September the 21st. The grand event takes place in historic Hänggiturm Ennenda and is open to the public.

Time to say goodbye

All good things must come to an end and so it is with the Gölä Rock and Roll tour. After one last concert in Lenzerheide, this year’s comeback excitement draws to a close. „It’s been alot of fun, especially on the bigger gigs and festivals where partners and kids all joined the fun. When it works well, a band really is like a big ol’ family,” says Hedreich. Her son Chris bears witness to this fact. The man fans know as Gölä he calls simply “Lenny’s dad”.

And then…

Finally, while getting all the final tests and grades done for school in June, Hedreich will be gearing up for a guest soloist appearance with Thomas Schuler and the Nuolen Kantonalschule on Friday, June 15th. After that a couple of weddings, one of which plays out in an old mine in the Glarner Alps and then finally–faster than a speeding bullet–down to the sea for a well earned vacation. So if there’s nothing much new to read between now and the end of summer, don’t worry, Hedreich will be singing somewhere–probably to the accompaniment of the sound of the ocean. In the meantime you’ll be hopefully enjoying some sun and sand yourself. If you listen real hard you might just catch her voice riding the wind and the waves…