Hedreich Nichols

On Tour with Gölä

Remember that old Superman adage “faster than a speeding bullet”? Well, that’s what life’s like for Hedreich these days. “Trying to organize life as a singer, teacher and mother is rough but it sure can be fun!”” says the singer of the recent breakneck speed of life.

The Gölä tour opened to a sold out Mühle Hunziken and has since wowed crowds everywhere they’ve played. Even the tour’s first Open Air-Loveride –a motorcycle event to aid people with muscular dystrophy–was a smashing success with highlights like Born to Be Wild and Sweet Home Alabama, done with Gotthard’s Steve Lee. Not only has the response to the the Swiss working class hero and his English repertoire been positive. The allstar band is racking up Kudos, not to mention the singers. Never one to hog the stage, Gölä has “his two swans” front and center rocking the house with a bombastic cover of Mother’s Finest’s Baby Love which according to the Bieler Press sends a flurry of excitement through the crowd. In Thurgau, Hedreich and Freda impressed the press so much that he wrote, “the two lead singers were playing the wrong position (backfield) most of the night!”
After all that partying on the stage, it was icing on the cake to meet up with her old student John Prakesh. The talented young singer she’s known since the 90’s is now all grown up and was rockin’ the Loveride house himself. “It’s always especially rewarding when you’ve seen someone in their ‘musical infancy’ getting out there and doing their thing in a big way”