Hedreich Nichols


Here, There and Everywhere

If the paparazzi photographed inside cover music industry appearances, Hedreich– primarily known as a singer and a teacher– would grace the cover of quite a few rags this year. Of course you know her lyric and cover writing from her own Time Now but this year she also helped out on Nubya’s newly released Today and Miracle Flair’s Inner Peace of Mind. Even Tanja Dankner’s Somewhere got a friendly once-over. But just in case you think she’s left the stage and studios for a new career, no worries. Hedreich can be heard on the Gölä and the Bellamy Brothers’ 2010 release that just went double platinum! Give it a listen. And check back soon for Hedreich’s upcoming concert dates. We’ll leave a light on for ya!

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Hibernation over!

January is customarily the time when our artist can relax, review and rejuvenate. That was almost the case. She relaxed at the piano while composing, reviewed and re-reviewed graphics and artwork for the upcoming CD and rejuvenation–well, making music rejuvenates! Now, gearing up for some more studio work with Gölä as well as upcoming performances with party bands Just Jazz and the Gary Scott Band, 2010 is off to a running start. Additionally you can start to look for performances in your area to promote the upcoming CD. Check back soon so you don’t miss anything!

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Studio success

If you are a connoiseur of those cool vocal harmonies that make or break or song you can understand how much fun Hedreich had over the weekend. After putting down the sound with Gölä, Rachael and Corrinne on Friday, she inched her way over to Jeannot’s in Canton Zürich and got down to business on her own project. Saturday produced –who knows–maybe the first single?!! And it was goooood!

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Back in the studio…

…or shall we say studios. Tomorrow it’s back to the studio with Gölä and band to do some background vocals. And on Saturday it’s back to Soundcheck studios. Time now for our artist to get into the recording phase of next year’s solo project. Track 1 is on it’s way to being finished and the second is underway. Curious? Stop back by for the full report or follow Hedreich on Twitter to keep up with the latest signifigant–or not so signifigant–happenings.

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Last CHance!!

If you missed Night of the Guitars 2009 mit Slädu and the Swiss rock scene’s best of the best, you had the chance to see it on TV on the weekend. If you still missed it, set your TV to come on at 4.45. On SF2 you can get rock and roll with the best of the early birds! Hedreich got to see her old buddies Bligg and Gölä and make some new friends. If Shezoo and Fiction Friction are still unknown to you, check them out!!

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Too Hot Duett

Gölä’s latest single turned pretty steamy with a few sultry phrases and some old school soul ad libs to take it out. In addition to Background vocals Hedreich and Gölä had some stuff to say to each other — on wax. After that, Gölä got Hedreich to go Gospel-Blues-Soul on top of some mean Rock ‘n Roll. It’s gonna burn up the charts. Too bad you’ll have to wait to find out if it’s English or Swiss-German. We’re not telling…

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Back on with Gölä

In between getting the video for “Listen” up and out and doing some composing, Hedreich finds time to get some tracks done with Switzerland’s favorite working class singer after all. Hedreich, Gölä and Corrinne Gfeller (of We Will Rock You fame) are not only back on again, the session will taking place a day earlier. It seems there was some magic made that’s just begging for a female touch! Stop back by to see how the day went. We’ll keep a light on for ya…

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All’s Well That Ends Well

Sometimes you start out on a path that leads you to absolutely nowhere you want to be. While at Balikfarm studio acting as vocal coach and poetry police, Hedreich found herself in a front row seat for the “big story” du jour. In one day Gölä killed the studio project that wasn’t happening and quit Musicstar, the Swiss version of American Idol. Almost simultaneously Hedreich decided to cancel the planned recording of “Listen”. “Recording “Listen” would have been a wonderful tribute to a great performance moment but Beyonce already did it so well… so for those who were hoping to buy it as a single, I hope you’ll be just as excited to get my next CD.” Hedreich’s singer/songwriter self is growing, evolving. And one thing is for sure. Just like the Bernese working man, if it ain’t working, she’ll back up and take off in a better direction.

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