Hedreich Nichols

Long Time Coming

This post has been a long time coming, and I’ve missed you, but hopefully this will make it worth your while:

I remember a wise woman, the mother of a friend told me, “laugh whenever you can, even now”. I was a 29 year old widow, suddenly faced with burying my beloved after only 10 months and 4 days of marriage. As the days, weeks and months of grieving went on, I often remembered her words. Laughter is like a ray of sunshine breaking through the darkest clouds, even if only for a moment. With everything going on around us, I’m hoping, with this post, to provide a short burst of light through some clouds.

I want to talk about the dangerous new trend of wearing mis-matched socks. It seems that, in order to combat the invisible sock-thieving troll located in washrooms all over the country, some people have started to adapt a can’t-beat-’em-so-join-’em strategy. This trend causes a downward spiral in which not only the person starting the trend, but the whole household, ends up with NO matching socks. The troll himself was more merciful. In spite of 3 sock purchases within the last year, the troll and my sock-thieving, mis-match sock wearing 13-year-old have reduced me to 2 full bins of single socks. IS THERE  TINDER FOR SOCKS?!! This plague began slowly about two years ago and has taken over my home. If you have children or anyone in your home willing to flaut simple sock conventionality, I warn you, stop them now! Additionally, if you have ideas on curative measures for this great societal ill, please message me on Twitter, fb or IG. (Did you click? See what I did there? If you have power, water and internet, don’t talk about it, just do it!)