Hedreich Nichols

Gölä and Art On Ice

And as soon she yodels her last yodel in Sound of Music’s “Lonely Goatherd” she heads straight to rehearsal with the all new Gölä band. That’s right folks; Hedreich’s going serious Rock ‘n Roll!! The beloved “Bärner” kicks off his return to stage on the 1st of February where Hedreich and other top musicians will be helping him to do his thing in front of huge Hallenstadion and Patinoire de Malley audiences at Art on Ice. Hedreich will be bringing to life the background arrangements she created on the CD due out this month. And she’s looking forward to see if Gölä can remember all the stuff they worked on in their vocal tutoring session. “Gölä was one of the quickest studies I’ve ever had”, muses Hedreich. “I wish every student could grasp and implement vocal concepts as quick as he can!” Check out some more studio pics here >>