Hedreich Nichols


Gospel and the Advent

As previously stated, after this year Hedreich will be based in Texas and will commute to Switzerland for seminars, concerts and studio engagements. That news lent a sentimental note to the recent Glarner Inspirational Singers annual concerts. As they gave a nod to the last 13 years of choir history by including solos from former pianist Christian Menzi and even inviting singers from yester-year up to join the musical fun, the full house crowds clapped and sang along wherever they could. Since Hedreich likes to do interactive concerts, they sang lots and so the Advent season was ushered in with joy!

Coming Closer…

Bill Clinton wasn’t in his home state of Arkansas this past weekend but Hedreich was. She joined Barbara Tucker and a Chosen Few to celebrate Gospel Music Heritage month at Goddard UMC. Goddard, in turn, was commemorating 20 years of lauding the Negro Spiritual. Not only was it an evening of excellent music, it was a glorious example of Martin Luther King’s dream.

This week will see Hedreich in the Studio finishing up some compositions before shipping off to Switzerland for the concert season. Drop back by for scheduling updates soon. We’ll keep a light on for ya!

Studio success

If you are a connoiseur of those cool vocal harmonies that make or break or song you can understand how much fun Hedreich had over the weekend. After putting down the sound with Gölä, Rachael and Corrinne on Friday, she inched her way over to Jeannot’s in Canton Zürich and got down to business on her own project. Saturday produced –who knows–maybe the first single?!! And it was goooood!

Back in the studio…

…or shall we say studios. Tomorrow it’s back to the studio with Gölä and band to do some background vocals. And on Saturday it’s back to Soundcheck studios. Time now for our artist to get into the recording phase of next year’s solo project. Track 1 is on it’s way to being finished and the second is underway. Curious? Stop back by for the full report or follow Hedreich on Twitter to keep up with the latest signifigant–or not so signifigant–happenings.

Studio Session with Gölä

The March 12th Balik studio session will go on as planned senza Hedreich’s background vocals with Corrinne Gfeller of Zibblingz. At the moment, Switzerland’s answer to Bruce Springsteen will be eschewing the SF1/ Musicstar controversy to concentrate on lead vocals and production before getting Hedreich back in to put on some final touches.

All’s Well That Ends Well

Sometimes you start out on a path that leads you to absolutely nowhere you want to be. While at Balikfarm studio acting as vocal coach and poetry police, Hedreich found herself in a front row seat for the “big story” du jour. In one day Gölä killed the studio project that wasn’t happening and quit Musicstar, the Swiss version of American Idol. Almost simultaneously Hedreich decided to cancel the planned recording of “Listen”. “Recording “Listen” would have been a wonderful tribute to a great performance moment but Beyonce already did it so well… so for those who were hoping to buy it as a single, I hope you’ll be just as excited to get my next CD.” Hedreich’s singer/songwriter self is growing, evolving. And one thing is for sure. Just like the Bernese working man, if it ain’t working, she’ll back up and take off in a better direction.

The third in the series Power in Our Heart went off without a hitch and the Choir even tried out some new choreography. It was groovy and touching all at once. This week it’s all about getting ready for next week in the studio. First coaching for Gölä’s new project, then his background vocals. After that Hedreich’s version of “Listen” goes to wax–or at least plastic. Stop back by soon to see how everything goes…

Studio time with Gölä

While putting a polish and shine on the Inspirational Singers CD, Hedreich got the call that the planned January Gölä studio session would be moved up to October. So while mixing one CD Hedreich found herself simultaneously working on music for the new project due out in Spring, once again doing vocal arrangements and singing as well. Word has it that it is still Rock and Roll and it is in English.