Hedreich Nichols

Stephane Lambiel

She Works Hard for the Money

Truer words were never spoken for Hedreich at this year’s Art on Ice. She organized and rehearsed the choir, directed them for the opening song, sang in the trio in the opening medley (that was her in the beautiful Sari)while directing the choir, sang in Steve Sidwell’s Special FX choir (the Glarner Inspirational Singers and friends), sang with them for 2 Katherine Jenkins’ numbers, sang Background for the 2 Gary Scott songs, and was the ‘uninvited’ shadow walking across the stage on Coco’s “Uninvited”, as well as one of the invited vocalists on “Objection”. And if that wasn’t enough, she was one of three vocalists for this year’s headliner, Donna Summer. Oh, and she put in a stellar performance at the after -show party, first solo, and then with the Choir and Stèphane Lambiel! No wonder Hedreich’s son had no problem singing “She Works Hard for the Money” To “Auntie Donna” after Sunday’s Matinee!!

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Art On Ice

Have you seen the show? Art on Ice? AMAZING!
There’s lot’s more news to come but for the moment all eyes are on the ice. Stephane Lambiel and Sarah Meier, the home team favorites are there as well as darlings from former Art on Ice shows like Aljona Savchenko & Robin Szolkowy . But this year’s surprise favorite “couple” is Shizuka Arakawa with Hedreich Nichols performing “Listen”. The reigning Olympic champion is magic on the ice and Hedreich’s performance is absolutely incredible! Luckily if you miss it you’ll see it televised some time in February. Stop back by soon for all the latest details with some really great pictures.

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Art On Ice 2008

After the first all-nighter of the year, our Artist enjoyed a couple of bars of rests before gearing up for the 2008 Art on Ice performances, again with Gary and an international band including Swiss vocalist Lesley Bogart. “Working with Lesley was something I really enjoyed at last year’s Art on Ice so I was really looking forward to singing with her this time,” recalls Hedreich.

One of the evening’s highlights was their hot cover of Gloria Estefan’s “Wrapped” which drew great applause and brought Salsa dancers to their feet.The 3 evenings were par-tay par-tay with lots of guests up on stage. Romain Gazave, Kim Wilde, choreographer Marvin A. Smith with his sizzling dance compadres and even the organizers all joined the band for fun highlights.

On the final evening, Hedreich set the crowd on fire with her smoking renditions of Proud Mary and Natural Woman. And talk about hot, the guests were enthralled by Hedreich’s fiery, spontaneous dance number with Switzerland’s premier ice skater Stéphane Lambiel. The world and European champion is as magical on the dance floor as on the ice and our girl showed that—with microphone in hand–she had a few magic moves of her own! In case you missed it live or on Swiss TV, have a look back at the first February issue of the Swiss Illustrated. You’ll see our artist on a 2 page spread in full swing with the Swiss crown prince of the ice!! Check out the pics:

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Gölä and Art On Ice

Although making out anyone on stage is almost impossible in the cavernous Hallenstadion, the brilliance of Göläs backline sound pouring out over the speakers couldn’t be missed. After creating the vocals that give Gölä´s Rock and Roll a distinct touch of soul it was only natural that he asked her to bring the studio sound to life in his comeback performance at this year’s Art on Ice. Rock ‘n roll, soul, disco and enchantment on the ice made for some magical moments. “I’ve always loved ice skating and saw the Art on Ice show back when Vanessa Mae did the live music. Now to be a part of the team putting out the sound for top ice skaters like Stéphane Lambiel or Sinead and John, singing while watching the beauty and fire of the skaters, well it was an absolute pleasure” Of course grooving to childhood favourites and doing the finale with Robin Gibb of the Bee Gees was also a highlight.

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