Hedreich Nichols


Prodigal Son Returns

Photo by Bernadette Egger
Photo by Bernadette Egger

After a longer than usual hiatus, Hedreich returned to Switzerland for the famed Casa Cleo music party. Guschti Schönbächler, with his usual flair, put together a group of Switzerland’s finest musicians for a fete extraordinaire in the Seedam Plaza. After facing down some health challenges, Hedreich was in rare form and had a ball singing not only her pieces but also joining in on several duets and group numbers. She even reprised her 2009 Art on Ice rendition of  “Listen” by special request. Word on the street is, the party will be repeated in 2 years. Now ain’t-a that good news!

Speaking of good news, we’d like to congratulate one of Hedreich.com’s very own. From tomorrow on, if you’re flying Swiss Airlines , you will hear the music mix put together by our own German news content writer, Simon Gisler. This all-arounder keeps expanding his horizons and we’re thankful that he’s a part of our team!

It’s Official!

Time Now will be widely available as of May 21!! Ask for it in your local store or order it on cede.ch! Of course, there are still a few signed copies available here on hedreich.com so grab one now. And if you want to be at the not-to-be-missed release party, mark your calendar for June 11th. Details soon!

As if that isn’t enough excitement, Friday in Chatel St. Denis was the Swiss Army Concert Band’s 2010 season opener and a worthy start it was! Hedreich was in her element as she added the feminine shine to the world class military orchestra with songs like “Everybody Loves A Lover” , “What Now My Love” and the signature “Listen” which you’ll remember from Art on Ice 2009.

Photo: Maxime Pellissier

Art On Ice is History

Well folks, Art on Ice 2009 is now officially over. If you were one of the 75,000 people saw it live, you were lucky enough to experience true magic. Swiss TV 1’s production was an excellent cross-section of the production’s highlights. And Hedreich’s “Listen” with Shizuka Arakawa was one of the show’s finest moments. In case you missed it on February 7th, it will be repeated (for the nighthawks) on Sunday February 8th at 1:15AM and Wednesday 1:45 in the afternoon. And if you miss it altogether Chiratbella will be singing again this month during Musicstar!! picture: Phillippe Jung

Art On Ice

Have you seen the show? Art on Ice? AMAZING!
There’s lot’s more news to come but for the moment all eyes are on the ice. Stephane Lambiel and Sarah Meier, the home team favorites are there as well as darlings from former Art on Ice shows like Aljona Savchenko & Robin Szolkowy . But this year’s surprise favorite “couple” is Shizuka Arakawa with Hedreich Nichols performing “Listen”. The reigning Olympic champion is magic on the ice and Hedreich’s performance is absolutely incredible! Luckily if you miss it you’ll see it televised some time in February. Stop back by soon for all the latest details with some really great pictures.

Art On Ice

And speaking of Art on Ice, it won’t be only the Sugarbabes and Lambiel lighting up the night. For the first time Olympic Champion Shizuka Arakawa will be performing to “Listen” played live.

And who else will be performing the show stopping tune from Dreamgirls but our own Hedreich Nichols? If you haven’t gotten your tickets yet, better hurry while there are still good seats left. This will be an Art on Ice highlight not to be missed.