Hedreich Nichols


Back to School

August is always the time of year when summer slowly fades into fall and children all over the world deck the halls and classrooms once more. Not only will Hedreich be one of the classroom desk “deckers” this year, she will also be volunteering, teaching in her own pilot after-school music program. “Let’s Sing!” is a sing-along music class designed for people of all ages to get together and, well, sing. Nothing fancy, just 50 minutes of connecting with people and doing what she loves!

And while we’re looking forward, let’s also look back. Remember “Paint Your Blues”, Hedreich’s interdisciplinary project at Leutschen Middle School with art teacher Barbara Ramer? Well it was amazing and we finally got you a visual.

Enjoy and drop back by soon.

High School Musical

Meanwhile, back at school, the kids were working just as hard as the pros. At the end of May after three days of intensive music and dance workshops, the students of Leutschen in Freienbach put on the Ritz! After paying homage to Swiss artists Bligg and Gotthard they visited Cuba, Woodstock, Abbey Road, Wien as well as today’s charts with song and dance from “Aisha” to “Who Knew” for their „High School Musical“. The students even wrote their own school song! Sharpay and Ryan would have been green with envy!!

Teaching on Ice

Speaking of ice, what better way to balance out a singer’s life than to get off the stage and into the classroom—especially when the classroom is on the ice? Hedreich along with 3 of the other teachers and students of MPS Leutschen spent the morning under a sunny, cloudless sky and the afternoon in healthy competition at the “home of the Lakers”. It was a peaceful and fun school sports day and amazingly for the teenage set the only complaint heard was about the piped in music. Maybe the rink should invite Hedreich to do some live gigs there?!