Hedreich Nichols

Lesley Bogaert

Lausanne, get ready

Well folks, 6 down 2 to go. Zürich’s 6 sold out shows were the biggest and best ever, shortly to be repeated in Lausanne. And if you were one of the lucky few to have been at the VIP after parties, you could just feel the celebration. Hedreich along with Tanja Dankner, Lesley Bogaert and the Gary Scott Band kept the party in high gear and the music went “on and on till the break of dawn”! More soon…

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Gospel to Hip-Hop

After the CD drop party Hedreich has just enough time to get ready for a series of Bligg concerts. If you read about the casting call in 20 Minutes, you know that Bligg is looking for a singer to replace longtime partner Lesley Bogart. Until a replacement is found, Hedreich will be doing her “Swiss wannabe” thing with Switzerland’s top Hip-hopper. “For me, it’s a great compliment to be asked to do a job in the Swiss dialect and I’m looking forward to getting as ‘native’ and authentic as I can get,” quips Hedreich. If you want to verify Hedreich’s Swiss German bona fides, check her calendar page to see when they’ll be playing in a neighborhood near you. And stop back soon to catch up on the latest and see and what’s on next. We’ll keep a light on for ya…

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Art On Ice 2008

After the first all-nighter of the year, our Artist enjoyed a couple of bars of rests before gearing up for the 2008 Art on Ice performances, again with Gary and an international band including Swiss vocalist Lesley Bogart. “Working with Lesley was something I really enjoyed at last year’s Art on Ice so I was really looking forward to singing with her this time,” recalls Hedreich.

One of the evening’s highlights was their hot cover of Gloria Estefan’s “Wrapped” which drew great applause and brought Salsa dancers to their feet.The 3 evenings were par-tay par-tay with lots of guests up on stage. Romain Gazave, Kim Wilde, choreographer Marvin A. Smith with his sizzling dance compadres and even the organizers all joined the band for fun highlights.

On the final evening, Hedreich set the crowd on fire with her smoking renditions of Proud Mary and Natural Woman. And talk about hot, the guests were enthralled by Hedreich’s fiery, spontaneous dance number with Switzerland’s premier ice skater Stéphane Lambiel. The world and European champion is as magical on the dance floor as on the ice and our girl showed that—with microphone in hand–she had a few magic moves of her own! In case you missed it live or on Swiss TV, have a look back at the first February issue of the Swiss Illustrated. You’ll see our artist on a 2 page spread in full swing with the Swiss crown prince of the ice!! Check out the pics:

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