Hedreich Nichols

Glarus Gospel

Hedreich meets Youtube

Summer has finally reached Switzerland and with it Hedreich’s Youtube chanel. Facebook friends have already gotten a taste of what’s to come and within a few days you’ll be able to see Hedreich perform “live” in a myriad of settings, including in her new clip “Song About…”. Of course if you want to see her live without digital translation, you can come out to Glarus this Saturday for “Overture”, the launching of the new cantonal political structure with a bombastic anacrusis featuring Hedreich, Polo Hofer, the Keiser Twins and a host of other Swiss music greats.

On Swine Flu and Gospel…

Weeeeellll, the Tibiz gig did take place this time. But if you read the Blick (Switzerland’s answer to the Enquirer) you know that Tanja Dankner didn’t make it because of virus du jour H1N1. Still, with Nubya subbing for her and Hedreich previewing songs from her upcoming CD, a good time was definitely had by all. Hedreich.com’s Simon Gisler was even on hand with a mike in his hand! And on the home front, barring any major illnesses or minor ones requiring mass quarantine, this Sunday will see the 11th annual concert of the Inspirational Singers in the Netstal Protestant Church at 5PM. The concert come to be known in Glarnerland as the start of the Advent season. In case you don’t make it, stop back by next week to get the details! In the mean time, we’ll leave a light on for ya…

Great Glarus Gospel Extravaganza

And as the curtain fell at Leutschen, the Americans descended in Zürich for the great Glarus Gospel Extravaganza. The Inspirational Singers 10th year anniversary workshop was a complete success with a record 7 songs learned during the 8 hour workshop. Matthias Fritsche laid down the rhythm for Candace on Organ and “Unca D” on piano to perfectly accompany the more than 100 voices from the far reaches of Switzerland and Germany lifted in harmony.

The concert sound was glorious. With the powerpoint backdrop of choir days and workshops gone by and the return of Tabea Geissbühler-now Zingg also on piano, the evening’s concert was the perfect celebration of ten years of growth, togetherness and music. Afterwards, Gret Schnyder’s’s team put together THE ultimate after party where the specially created inspriti drinks and food gave the singers the chance to dance a bit or just to relax and let the day wash over them while listening to live sounds from Dominic Bertschen, Dave Bärtsch and friends.