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Gospel and the Advent

As previously stated, after this year Hedreich will be based in Texas and will commute to Switzerland for seminars, concerts and studio engagements. That news lent a sentimental note to the recent Glarner Inspirational Singers annual concerts. As they gave a nod to the last 13 years of choir history by including solos from former pianist Christian Menzi and even inviting singers from yester-year up to join the musical fun, the full house crowds clapped and sang along wherever they could. Since Hedreich likes to do interactive concerts, they sang lots and so the Advent season was ushered in with joy!

Choir Director Extraordinaire!

If you think Hedreich is a bundle of energy on the stage, you should see her working her magic with a group of singers. The last three weekends have found Hedreich doing just that and each weekend has borne musical fruit and brought accolades. This coming weekend her own choir, the Inspirational Singers, will be showing off their shine at concerts in Glarus and Glarus Süd. For more information, like the Inspirational Singers at facebook or check out their homepage.

The Ultimate Commute

Talk about hitting the ground running! After the overseas flight on Thursday, Hedreich is already on the job. This weekend finds her doing a “Repertoire Intensive” seminar with Sweet ‘n’ Sour for their Swing ‘n’ Soul concert. The concert, coming up on the 12th and 13th of this month will also feature choreography by Hedreich. She and the “Sweeties”, under the direction of Ulrich Wolf, have worked together for many years and the concert will be one of the better ones in the region this season. Don’t miss it!

The three Ss

Sagibeiz, “Song About…” and standing ovation are the words of the day. First, the Sagibeiz concert was sensational! Greg Galli, Jost Müller and Randy Müller put a perfect live spin on Time Now and Hedreich was, as usual, in top form. To keep it fresh, Hedreich and the Boyz debuted two hot-off-the-press tunes much to the delight of the moving and grooving crowd who rewarded one of Switzerland’s best live acts with not one but two standing ovations!

On the video front, “Song About…” has made the transition to tv –did you see it?! If you haven’t, here’s your chance to watch now . And to keep it in SFtv’s top 20, vote now!
And if you haven’t yet fugured out what “Song About…” really is about, drop back by hedreich.com in the next few days to get the answer!

Advent–of Another Kind

Since there was probably no star shining over Chicago’s Gravity Studios at 2am, we thought we’d announce it here–the baby is born! No, not that baby. And maybe it’s reaching a little to compare the two. Still, we’re proud to announce that the CD is finished! Doug McBride did the mastering with mixing engeneer James Auwarter and his assistant Miela giving valuable inputs. The first couple of reactions have been more than positive and although sudden peace on earth is probably not imminent, you can expect a good sound and rich stories that will hopefully make your corner of the world a tiny bit brighter. We’ll keep you posted on availability, concerts and all that jazz.

On other fronts, Vienna with the Inspirational Singers was exactly that–inspirational. With good music, incredibly beautiful venues like Schonbrunn at Christmastime and the Viennese guildhall (pictured) it was a picture postcard perfect.
With that, we here at hedreich.com would like to wish you the best and brightest of holidays with hopes that the magic and miracle of a long ago birth will carry you through the season and on into a prosperous 2010. If we don’t see you at the Tschuggen Grand Hotel in Arosa, see you next year!

Annual Concerts

Since this time of year is a popular time for annual concerts, Hedreich has been doing a lot of seminars and vocal coaching, most notably for the Inspirational Singers and Sweet ‘n’ Sour Pop and Gospelchor. “Working with choirs is really what I love to do. And teaching, helping people to reach their musical goals, well, with the exception of motherhood, there’s just nothing more rewarding,” beams Hedreich.

Additionally, December finds her teaching and singing with Advent choirs in Cantons Bern and Aargau where the music workshops culminate in concerts that delight and warm the hearts of listeners.

To see if you still have the chance to take part in an event in your area, check the calendar.