Hedreich Nichols

Ice Ice baby

The last of the pictures from this year’s bombastic Art on Ice 2009 will be up by the weekend but in the meantime there really is life after AOI. If you’re watching Music Star, you just might catch Hedreich doing the Chiratbella bit. Of course, if your Sunday nights are otherwise taken, you can check out Chirat.ch and download her “I Want You” directly to your ringtone file .


And already the restful February is filling up with a flash flood of the unexpected. Gölä, Switzerland’s double platinum Bernese singer, will be going back into the studio later this month and he’s taking his favorite vocal coach with him to help him get the best onto wax. And when this one comes out you’ll get to hear Hedreich backing him up on some really great tunes. Keep your ear to the ground. There may be some nice surprises coming up with that one…