Hedreich Nichols

Things’ll All Blow Over

AP Photo of Capitol Siege on January 6th, 2021.

SmallBites Friday Five 1-08-21

Remember the Oklahoma Bombing.

Read about the escalating domestic terrorism problem.

Don’t forget to compare your news media and monitor bias with a site like All Sides Media.

Compare police response in summer Civil Rights protests to police response on January 6th. (Note: police response is the only comparison. Treasonous insurrection CANNOT be compared to civil rights protest.)

Did you know that, by all international standards, democracy is on the decline in the US?

I am supposed to be off this week, preparing to launch SmallBites into the Podcast sphere. But this week needs my presence:

The outrage over the recent insurrection on Capitol Hill has taken over every news cycle, every conversation. For now.

Monday, you will go back to school and concentrate on content, because, well, STAAR.

Soon, you will visit friends on relatives on Zoom, or maybe even in person.

You’ll grocery shop, clean your home, brush your teeth and plan your lessons. You’ll drink your favorite cuppa as this red hot memory cools.

The memories of what you’ve seen will fade; this will all blow over UNLESS you decide finally that enough is enough. If something in the news cycle outrages you, do something about it. Start a Twitter/Email campaign, donate, volunteer. But mostly, stop living from newscycle to newscycle. The issues do not go away just because nobody just died.

Whatever your role is in making the world a better place, step up and stay stepped up. You don’t have to do everything but you need to do something.

One way you can step up and be accountable is to come and learn with us. Join the SmallBites Interactive cohort to learn more about how this moment has been in the making for a while now, and how you can make small changes with big impact.