Hedreich Nichols

No Hate Like Christian Love

Note: Today’s Easter episode is a special edition specifically for Christian educators. While the episode offers great guiding questions to all educators, scriptures are used as a foundation for this episode.

“There’s no hate like Christian love” is an all too common phrase these days. And as I get ready for my Easter morning church service, I feel shame at what the face of the Christian community has become. I found myself hesitating in using the word “we” when I said Christians. It saddens me that a pillar of my upbringing no longer feels like something to be proud of. I know many others who are believers–loving, accepting ones–who feel the same. This is for us as well.

A Message to Christian Educators

How can educators make campuses a place of healing and wholeness? What actions do we need to take to ensure that no one feels condemned, that everyone feels accepted (not just John 3:16, but John 3:17 as well)? Why do we take actions that have the opposite affect on our campuses and in our communities? Particularly, for those of us who are “of the household of faith”, do we model love or are we volcanoes of condemnation erupting over everything we don’t agree with? Do our actions and words, like lava, destroy and disrupt? Or do they, bring healing and love even in the darkest situations?

WWJD (iykyk)? For those celebrating Easter as the Resurrection, let’s use this time of revival to rethink our actions and ideologies. If they don’t bring light and love, we are a part of the problem. Use the guiding questions in this week’s episode and let’s all work to change the current face of Christianity by being carriers of love, grace and healing in our classrooms, on our campuses and in our communities.