Hedreich Nichols

Remembering Our Forefathers

The Voice, American Idol, name-a-country’s Got Talent… wherever you hear the newest generation of singers you hear the strains of Aretha, Ella, Luther, Michael, Chuck, Duke, Basie, Scott and all those who have gone before. From African Griots to field hollers, from ragtime to Rock ‘n’ Roll, from Bebop to Hip Hop, the influence is immeasurable and ever-present. Without the African-American experience in the US, the music of the world would not be what it is today. Hedreich shared this message in a fun and informative presentation with the Sagamore Hill student body. Our favorite music and performing arts workshop leader did a morning music and drama workshop and in the afternoon, directed a student cast of 17 students in a theatrical presentation about music history. Their performance was stellar, applause was thunderous and the students and teachers were especially blown away when Hedreich sang her classic rendition of “Listen”. Expect more educational seminars in the near future as Hedreich expands her student base in the US.  Stop back by to see if something is planned in your area.