Hedreich Nichols

Put on a Happy Place

baby chris on beachLife happens. One minute it’s blue skies and smooth sailing, the next minute a squall hits and you’re paddling furiously just to stay afloat. It’s kind of like the andante movement of the symphony bleeding into the allegro molto except there’s no sheet music to follow and no preemptory pause before the next movement begins. Life happens suddenly, leaving you there, in this boat, terrified, wondering which way to shore. Hopefully you recognize it. The only way not to succumb to the overwhelming sense of fear, dread, loneliness or whatever it is that your storm brings, is to find your happy place. For the God folks, it’s “think about whatever is good, pure, lovely”.  Is it a day at the beach where your little one chased the seagulls? Maybe it’s a 26k you finished or your 7th birthday party.  It could be the first sip of your morning coffee or even a point in the future. Your graduation or your daughter’s wedding? Or… maybe it’s your secret dream of being a rock star or a modern day princess in a Swarovski crystal covered dress dancing at the ball. Whatever it is that gets you “there”, learn to flip it on like you do the TV. THAT feeling. Practice getting to it and reveling in the calm that a happy place can provide. I’ve had lots of happy place time recently and it’s a real sanity saver. I use it to remind me that storms give way to rainbows and sunshine reflecting on calm, glassy seas. My happy place reminds me that I will reach shore. You will too. Just carry on, keep rowing and put on your happy place.

Oh, and if my music is one of those happy places for you, join me in the Bernese Kornhauskeller Saturday, December 7th or in the Glarus Aula Decenber 14th. For infos check my calendar page or fb.  See you soon!