Hedreich Nichols

Overture-The Opening

Overture comes from the French word meaning opening–and a grand opening it was! Idyllic Southern Glarus is officially “on the map” and to celebrate this momentous occasion the comission put together a musical program extraordinaire– The Keiser Twins with Polo Hofer and Hedreich Nichols. One of the top bands in the country, the 10 piece musical delight offered something for everybody–and there were alot of everybodies on hand for the celebration! From Salvo and Köbi Kamm to Polo Hofer, the music was diverse, exciting, international and simply brilliant. Lilly Martin kept the party going all night and Hedreich was in her element with a definite home field advantage. She dazzled the crowd with world class performances including “Bring it on Home” with Polo and “Toxic” from Time Now. If the new structure works out half as well as the evening’s festivities did, Southern Glarus will be truly an idyll.