Hedreich Nichols

Equity Is More Than an Initiative

Equity is about academic outcomes not box checker initiatives.

As the opposition to educational change grows, especially when talking about issues like learning gaps, teacher retention and inclusive environments, it’s left to teachers in the trenches to help shape our future. That burden is immense, as seen in the droves of teachers experiencing burn-out and leaving the profession in years 1-5. The sector’s lack of healthy, well supported and experienced teachers especially impacts our most vulnerable students, who often lack access to tenured, experienced teachers in the classroom.

Equity initiatives have pushed the thinking on what it means to create safe, inclusive spaces in schools. However, the impact of these initiatives has not yet shown up in the form of academic gains. My answer to this is to use SmallBites to provide more support for the classroom, which is where equitable access has never really been equitable.

Follow the podcast, connect with me on social media or host me for professional development on your campus. But mostly, listen and reflect on what ‘equity in education’ means. It’s not another PD or training module. It’s in how we show up for the students who need us most; and that starts with equitable access to good teaching.

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Equitable Educational Access Instead of Box Checker Initiatives