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Small Bites Friday Five 12-03-21:

This week, in honor of my own book launch, I am recommending 5 books that would make great stocking stuffers for you or the educators in your life.

Define Your Why, by Barbara Bray, will take you on an inward journey so that you can capture the joy of really doing what you love.

Once you define your why, you can get more intentional with your teaching and learning routines with Be Awesome on Purpose from Bonnie Nieves.

Of course, being intentional in the classroom should mean impact outside the classroom. Environmental Science by James Fester and Jorge Valenzuela provides strategies and tools to help teachers amplify student voice through authentic, project based learning.

When guiding students through project based learning modules, asking the right questions is key. Connie Hamilton’s Hacking Questions will provide you with the tools you need to step off the stage and get students to efficiently and strategically problem solve.

Finally, if you’re into banned books, get a copy of What is Anti-Racism , a kind of allyship 101 book that covers where race came from and how to fight against racism, even if marching is not your thing. It was written for children but it’s for everyone.

Books Making Impact

These books, the authors in particular, have all brought something special to my practice. And as an educator, growing into an applied researcher has broadened my horizons and impacted what I can do for and with my students immensely. Now that I have written my own book on teaching and learning strategies, I can only hope that the information will impact your teaching as these educators have impacted mine.

My wish for this book is that it strikes a chord with people looking to become more inclusive as well as with those sitting in a mandatory book study. With that wish, I tuck myself into bed.

Be sure to look out for a special edition post after I reflect over tomorrow’s book launch. And meanwhile, join in on December’s 31 days of positivity challenge (#31DP). Details below.

How do you eat an elephant? One #smallbite at a time.