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500 Years

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Thanksgiving was never attached to Plymouth Rock in my house, the women who raised me knew too much truth to celebrate what was the beginning of the end for so many. We cooked, we were thankful. Yesterday, I cooked, I am thankful. I am also in solidarity with those who mourn this month.

Seek Diverse Perspectives about the US Origin Story

This week, I will leave you to find your own truth; about Thanksgiving, about our nation’s origin story. Try to find one new truth or one new voice to amplify. See you next week for the launching of Finding Your Blind Spots-Eight Guiding Principles for Overcoming Implicit Bias!

Here is my most recent article from Edutopia featuring Indigenous narratives and stories, many from Indigenous people. These stories are helpful for teachers and learners seeking historical accuracy.

Below are links to explore and stories to be heard about the over 60 million people who were here long before Europeans came; and this week’s Small Bites features the names of indigenous voices to learn from on social media, plus a groovy Spotify playlist to help you decolonize your drive-time.

Delve into native American culture in many forms at https://www.powwows.com/native-music-radio/

Explore and support cultural endeavors at https://www.firstpeoplesfund.org/

View Native American films and filmmakers telling their stories at https://visionmakermedia.org/native-american-heritage-month/

Enjoy this rabbit hole, a melange of resources from the comedic to the academic, including an Indigenous Peoples Day toolkit for teachers at https://illuminatives.org/indigenouspeoplesday2020/

Support Indigenous Artists

NOTE: Special Thanks to Rhonda Head, the award winning Cree mezzo soprano on this week’s #SmallBites. You can find out more about her on rhondahead.com, @Rhonda_Head on Twitter, or RhondaVHead on Instagram. Her music, including her latest Christmas single, can be purchased on iTunes.

Reposted from November 2020