Hedreich Nichols

Just Breathe

If you have ever spoken to me, you will know that I discovered Grey’s Anatomy way late, but I fell HARD! Just Breathe, one of the episode themes, comes to mind this year. I will not give you much to think about, reflect on or learn, other than this:

How can you be better? Not what can you do, not who can you serve with increasing data based efficacy, but how can you be better? Do you need to do less? Ask for more help? Be more self aware and intentional? What will bring you more joy? Being better should bring you more joy and hopefully you’ll have one of those end of year epiphanies about what brings you more joy.

Here are a couple of fun things I’ve discovered that bring me joy–I play Among Us. My students and personal kid love it, and playing with them is a great way to bond. If you like plain old silliness, this is my new fave, https://findtheinvisiblecow.com/. Of course, if you need a bit of philanthropy, Free Rice is a great go to. It’s great for those SDG fans!

If, however, your mind is too clogged because you worry about your kids, here are some answers and resources, reposted from March:

Finally for some, no matter how great your virtual teaching is, this time will be a nightmare. Consider using your resources to help those who may need more than just an internet connection. Here are some national links that connect you to resources in local communities, I’m sure there are many others.








You may be the first person to sense that something is wrong and that’s a big responsibility. But I think most of us signed up because we genuinely care so let’s move from empathy to action when we see students in need.

Now, once you’ve done all you can do, just breathe. Take care of you so you can pour from a full cup. Stay safe and I will see you in the new year.