Hedreich Nichols

Congratulations Das Office and Powerplay

Hedreich took a few hours off from music making to get an up close and personal look at the new Powerplay studios. After a soft renovation, Powerplay presented it’s new look to a host of singers, musicians, producers and Swiss music business elite. The staff at Powerplay and Das Office combined powers to create an event that only Claudia Boggio could have masterminded; Studio 1 converted to an intimate club with some of Switerland’s hottest new bands playing, the reception area converted to a bar, and a HUGE grill and salad buffet…altogether they created a fine evening of music and magic befitting the grande dame of the Swiss studios. Even “Mr. Powerplay” himself, Jürg Peterhans was on hand for the festivities. And of course, no musician can be around music and really be off duty. So if you see Hedreich and the Flash playing with a Cajon and shakers instead of a kit, you can trace it back to this evening!