Hedreich Nichols


“Song About…” and songs about…

While the new “Song About…” video is gaining popularity on youtube, Hedreich is spending every available moment composing songs about other things as well. Collaborating with Nubya for her upcoming project is turning up gold and you can look forward to getting an accoustic taste in the not too far off future. Additionally, Hedreich found herself teaming up with an unlikely writing partner, her 6 year old son. After his cameo vocal on Time Now’s “Sing My Song”, he has morphed into a junior songwriter. Let’s see whose album this song turns up on. Check back soon for details or stay up-to-the-minute current at twitter and facebook.

Happy August 1st, Switzerland!

As the fourth of July is to the Americans, so is the first of August to the Swiss. For our working musician, this “erst – auguscht” will be a working holiday. However, in keeping with the patriotic theme, spending at least a part of the day singing with a Berner, a Solothurnerin and a Zürcher should move Hedreich one step closer to being accent free. Stop back soon for the details or become a part of the Hedreich Nichols youtube and facebook fan community for the minute by minute updates.
Oh, and keep the grill hot. After all that singing she’ll be wanting to ‘get her eat on’…

Hedreich meets Youtube

Summer has finally reached Switzerland and with it Hedreich’s Youtube chanel. Facebook friends have already gotten a taste of what’s to come and within a few days you’ll be able to see Hedreich perform “live” in a myriad of settings, including in her new clip “Song About…”. Of course if you want to see her live without digital translation, you can come out to Glarus this Saturday for “Overture”, the launching of the new cantonal political structure with a bombastic anacrusis featuring Hedreich, Polo Hofer, the Keiser Twins and a host of other Swiss music greats.