Hedreich Nichols


Hanging with Polo at number 1

The Swiss rock legend Polo Hofer decided to Gospel-and-Blues it up so he called Hedreich along with Freda Goodlet to put some soul into “Ds Letschte Hemmli”. The song, which would probably be titled “You Can’t Take It With You” in English, is in the number 1 slot on the Swiss charts. And when you get toward the end, I think you’ll hear Hedreich’s unmistakeable voice doing ad libs over the Chorus…

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Studio success

If you are a connoiseur of those cool vocal harmonies that make or break or song you can understand how much fun Hedreich had over the weekend. After putting down the sound with Gölä, Rachael and Corrinne on Friday, she inched her way over to Jeannot’s in Canton Zürich and got down to business on her own project. Saturday produced –who knows–maybe the first single?!! And it was goooood!

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Too Hot Duett

Gölä’s latest single turned pretty steamy with a few sultry phrases and some old school soul ad libs to take it out. In addition to Background vocals Hedreich and Gölä had some stuff to say to each other — on wax. After that, Gölä got Hedreich to go Gospel-Blues-Soul on top of some mean Rock ‘n Roll. It’s gonna burn up the charts. Too bad you’ll have to wait to find out if it’s English or Swiss-German. We’re not telling…

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