Hedreich Nichols


Singer-Songwriter pure: Eurovision 2011

This past week culminated in Hedreich submitting one of her newest compositions to DRS3 to be considered for Eurovision 2011. Our favorite Swiss wanna-be is hoping to represent her home of choice at this year’s international event in May. Recorded in one single take, she shares with you an up close and personal version of the inspiring and dynamic “I’ll Go On”. Voting starts on November 3rd but you can have a listen beforehand on Mx3 or of course, directly on her youtube channel.

The Sound of Summer is Here!

Although Swiss temperatures have been less than summer like, the summer release from Hedreich is hotter than July…in Texas! “Song About…”, the second single release from Hedreich’s Time Now is out now along with the new video clip. The groovy mix of hip-hop and latin sounds will have you wiping the sweat from
your brow even in the coolest of temperatures. Check it out on
youtube! And if you haven’t already, get your copy of
Time Now now at cede.ch!

This week finds Hedreich in the studio working as vocal coach for Gölä on his latest project. Although the Musicstar chaos did make for some, uhh, interesting interruptions, the gang had fun and got some good tracks put down. English? German? Swissgerman? Since Hedreich is fluent in all 3 “languages”, you’ll have to stop back by to get the scoop. See ya soon!


For those of you who saw Art on Ice you got to hear some really great music from Daniel Powter backed by the GSB. “It was really great working with Daniel. He writes great singable songs and is specific about what he wants from the band. He asked if I’d be interested in touring with him so it’ll be interesting to see what comes of that.”

And for those of you who wrote in about “Listen”, Hedreich will be in the Studio at the end of the month so expect the single to be available soon thereafter. Okay folks, that’s about it for now. Stop back by. We’ll leave a light on for ya…

Ice Ice baby

The last of the pictures from this year’s bombastic Art on Ice 2009 will be up by the weekend but in the meantime there really is life after AOI. If you’re watching Music Star, you just might catch Hedreich doing the Chiratbella bit. Of course, if your Sunday nights are otherwise taken, you can check out Chirat.ch and download her “I Want You” directly to your ringtone file .


And already the restful February is filling up with a flash flood of the unexpected. Gölä, Switzerland’s double platinum Bernese singer, will be going back into the studio later this month and he’s taking his favorite vocal coach with him to help him get the best onto wax. And when this one comes out you’ll get to hear Hedreich backing him up on some really great tunes. Keep your ear to the ground. There may be some nice surprises coming up with that one…

Top marks at the National Swiss Choir Contest

No sooner than the vocals were on the reel, the Inspirational Singers were off to romantic Solothun where they won one for “Fridolin” at the National Swiss Choir Contest. Receiving once again top marks–rank “VERY GOOD”– in a competition that featured the finest choirs in the land was a special honor for this seasoned choir, founded by Hedreich and now going into its’ 10th year. The only modern music choir in a wholly classical setting, they were even chosen to perform before the general assembly at the closing ceremony.


The same excitement that Hedreich brings to the stage hung in the air on Glarus for the Workshop day with the Glarner Inspirational Singers. The special atmosphere of the historic Soldenhofsaal over the city Library added to the spirit of the day. In preparation for their first CD as well as numerous engagements in the second half of the year the Glarner Inspirational Singers honed a few of the more difficult a capella pieces and worked on a couple of new songs for the 2007 season. Hedreich with her usual exuberance and learning is fun attitude made the day a memorable one for all.

And continuing with Workshops, Hedreich will be again doing the musical part of the project week at the Sportschule Glarus, a private school for gifted atheletes. The students, who have widely varying schedules in order to accommodate diverse competition and training programs, ban together for a week of work and fun in the name of school spirit. Since in 2006 Hedreich helped the students write and “produce” it’s first CD, a school Rap, expectations will be high. Hedreich hopes to satisfy both faculty and student body with this year’s program. After that the project week with her students at MPS Leutschen promises to be an interesting one. Together they will examine the popularity of styles like “Death Metal” and “Gangsta Rap” and it’s implication on larger society. If you’re interested in putting together a project like this for your school, contact Hedreich. Working with young people is one of her great passions.

Bürgermusik Flums

After a whirlwind schedule (not packed houses schon wieder!) during November and December, Hedreich would usually be enjoying a bit of downtime—and snow. But this January has not been only unusually warm, it’s been unusually busy. The last weekend of the month sees Hedreich doing songs from some of her favorite musicals with the Flums Brass Orchestra in “Pantasia“.