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Heb’s Guet (Take Care)

Concert time in Bülach
Concert time in Bülach

While standing at the cash register in my old home Switzerland, the song “Heb’s Guet”, from the Swiss band Plüsh, came on. After a few days of music making in Switzerland,  it seems Glarnerland was saying goodbye to me. The song says basically, “take care and hold me in your heart. Whatever comes,  believe in yourself, don’t doubt. And when you’re at a loss, think of me”. I had to hold back the tears. Leaving the place/friends/family I’ve held dear for 17 years is never easy. But it’s a natural part of this journey we call life. People come, go, die, move away, return and occasionally drop off our radar forever. We can only hope that the time we spend with those we love leaves a lasting impression and the solid knowledge of that love.

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Prodigal Son Returns

Photo by Bernadette Egger
Photo by Bernadette Egger

After a longer than usual hiatus, Hedreich returned to Switzerland for the famed Casa Cleo music party. Guschti Schönbächler, with his usual flair, put together a group of Switzerland’s finest musicians for a fete extraordinaire in the Seedam Plaza. After facing down some health challenges, Hedreich was in rare form and had a ball singing not only her pieces but also joining in on several duets and group numbers. She even reprised her 2009 Art on Ice rendition of  “Listen” by special request. Word on the street is, the party will be repeated in 2 years. Now ain’t-a that good news!

Speaking of good news, we’d like to congratulate one of Hedreich.com’s very own. From tomorrow on, if you’re flying Swiss Airlines , you will hear the music mix put together by our own German news content writer, Simon Gisler. This all-arounder keeps expanding his horizons and we’re thankful that he’s a part of our team!

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I’ll Go On

For those who’d like to hear the Eurovision 2011 submission, click here. It seems that in order to be in the running on November 3rd one would have had to be voted as one chosen to be voted for. To the fans who hoped Hedreich would get the chance to capture a win for Switzerland, leider nein.

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Hedreich meets Youtube

Summer has finally reached Switzerland and with it Hedreich’s Youtube chanel. Facebook friends have already gotten a taste of what’s to come and within a few days you’ll be able to see Hedreich perform “live” in a myriad of settings, including in her new clip “Song About…”. Of course if you want to see her live without digital translation, you can come out to Glarus this Saturday for “Overture”, the launching of the new cantonal political structure with a bombastic anacrusis featuring Hedreich, Polo Hofer, the Keiser Twins and a host of other Swiss music greats.

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