Hedreich Nichols


Easy As ABC

Sometimes it’s not the big stages, the sold out concert halls or the Baroque churches. Sometimes it’s watching young Mr. Landin play “Watermelon Man” on his first gig with a live band or watching “Uncle Sonny” sing “My Girl” for the first time in 40 years. It’s singing Gladys’ “I got ta go’ in harmony with Miss Lynn and playing MD with your Sunday morning band doing Saturday night music. And sometimes it’s watching the mantel pass as your son sings the Jackson 5 hits of the Michael Jackson we 70’s kids remember from our childhood. Sometimes it’s easy as ABC and Music doesn’t get any better than that!

Moving Forward, Looking Back

As with most of us, the coming year’s end is a time where we look back over the year, hopefully without too many regrets. It’s also the time where we feel the excitement of a new year fast approaching, ripe with new possibilities.

For the first time in almost two decades, Hedreich will be celebrating Thanksgiving, Christmas and the New Year on the home shores of Texas. After many seasons performing and singing on wonderful stages all over Europe, this year will be a quiet departure from the status quo, setting the stage for a whole new chapter. But in the meantime, she’ll be sharing sounds and images of performances gone by. Stop in over the next few weeks for a few highlights like this one. Here she is with Joe Sample and the Crusaders on Germany’s Ohne Filter back in the late 80s.

Here, There and Everywhere

If the paparazzi photographed inside cover music industry appearances, Hedreich– primarily known as a singer and a teacher– would grace the cover of quite a few rags this year. Of course you know her lyric and cover writing from her own Time Now but this year she also helped out on Nubya’s newly released Today and Miracle Flair’s Inner Peace of Mind. Even Tanja Dankner’s Somewhere got a friendly once-over. But just in case you think she’s left the stage and studios for a new career, no worries. Hedreich can be heard on the Gölä and the Bellamy Brothers’ 2010 release that just went double platinum! Give it a listen. And check back soon for Hedreich’s upcoming concert dates. We’ll leave a light on for ya!