Hedreich Nichols


The “Living Your Dream” press conference on the Blofeld Entertainment terrace was the first official event for the Michael Jackson tribute single spearheaded by Lichtensteiner Al Walser and Jermaine Jackson. Producer/singer/songwriter Walser, along with Blofeld’s Zoe Torinesi were gracious hosts, fielding questions from Swiss TV, newspaper and magazine journalists as well as making sure noone left hungry or thirsty. As the aroma of Gouchos Argentinian beef filled the air, Hedreich, as well as others on the project, talked about the project, gave interviews and reminisced about Michael Jackson. Also on hand were officials from Wunderlampe, a charity similar in goals to the “Make A Wish” foundation. Wunderlampe will be the recipient of a portion of all sales and downloads. Be on the lookout for snippets of the evening in Swiss press as well as right here on hedreich.com. Stop back by soon. We’ll keep a light on for ya…

Night of the Guitars

Join Hedreich and Swiss Rap and Rock favorites like Gölä and Bligg Saturday in Zürich. Slädu will be hosting an event not to be missed. If however you do miss it, check out Swiss national TV to see when it airs. Till then, Rock…and…ROOOOOLLLLLLL!

Studio Session with Gölä

The March 12th Balik studio session will go on as planned senza Hedreich’s background vocals with Corrinne Gfeller of Zibblingz. At the moment, Switzerland’s answer to Bruce Springsteen will be eschewing the SF1/ Musicstar controversy to concentrate on lead vocals and production before getting Hedreich back in to put on some final touches.

All’s Well That Ends Well

Sometimes you start out on a path that leads you to absolutely nowhere you want to be. While at Balikfarm studio acting as vocal coach and poetry police, Hedreich found herself in a front row seat for the “big story” du jour. In one day Gölä killed the studio project that wasn’t happening and quit Musicstar, the Swiss version of American Idol. Almost simultaneously Hedreich decided to cancel the planned recording of “Listen”. “Recording “Listen” would have been a wonderful tribute to a great performance moment but Beyonce already did it so well… so for those who were hoping to buy it as a single, I hope you’ll be just as excited to get my next CD.” Hedreich’s singer/songwriter self is growing, evolving. And one thing is for sure. Just like the Bernese working man, if it ain’t working, she’ll back up and take off in a better direction.