Hedreich Nichols


Pure Magic

Incredible weather and surprisingly authentic Creole and soul food set the stage for the Time Now Release concert and party. Hedreich and the Boyz played a better game than Uruguay or France and rocked the full house. Hedreich was her usual earthy, charming self, amusing the audience between songs with “making of” anecdotes. Jost Müller on Cajon, Matthias Urech on Guitar and Greg Galli on Piano carried Hedreich’s vocals with tenderness and fire giving her the chance to sing her songs, raw, groovy, soulful. The result was pure magic.

What could be more fun than a CD Release party? How about the first video shoot?! Come back in a few days to find out all about the filming of “Song About…” at the Glarus Mitte Living Room

Hibernation over!

January is customarily the time when our artist can relax, review and rejuvenate. That was almost the case. She relaxed at the piano while composing, reviewed and re-reviewed graphics and artwork for the upcoming CD and rejuvenation–well, making music rejuvenates! Now, gearing up for some more studio work with Gölä as well as upcoming performances with party bands Just Jazz and the Gary Scott Band, 2010 is off to a running start. Additionally you can start to look for performances in your area to promote the upcoming CD. Check back soon so you don’t miss anything!