Hedreich Nichols


Here, There and Everywhere

If the paparazzi photographed inside cover music industry appearances, Hedreich– primarily known as a singer and a teacher– would grace the cover of quite a few rags this year. Of course you know her lyric and cover writing from her own Time Now but this year she also helped out on Nubya’s newly released Today and Miracle Flair’s Inner Peace of Mind. Even Tanja Dankner’s Somewhere got a friendly once-over. But just in case you think she’s left the stage and studios for a new career, no worries. Hedreich can be heard on the Gölä and the Bellamy Brothers’ 2010 release that just went double platinum! Give it a listen. And check back soon for Hedreich’s upcoming concert dates. We’ll leave a light on for ya!

On Swine Flu and Gospel…

Weeeeellll, the Tibiz gig did take place this time. But if you read the Blick (Switzerland’s answer to the Enquirer) you know that Tanja Dankner didn’t make it because of virus du jour H1N1. Still, with Nubya subbing for her and Hedreich previewing songs from her upcoming CD, a good time was definitely had by all. Hedreich.com’s Simon Gisler was even on hand with a mike in his hand! And on the home front, barring any major illnesses or minor ones requiring mass quarantine, this Sunday will see the 11th annual concert of the Inspirational Singers in the Netstal Protestant Church at 5PM. The concert come to be known in Glarnerland as the start of the Advent season. In case you don’t make it, stop back by next week to get the details! In the mean time, we’ll leave a light on for ya…


If women are good at multi-tasking then Hedreich is definitely one of the pros. In addition to finishing up the CD project, preparing for the Inspritational Singers’ November 22nd annual concert and working on repertoirs for 3 other upcoming performances, Hedreich is looking into the future, planning the CD launch and a couple of other gigs hopefully in a neighborhood near you. As a matter of fact, if your neighborhood happens to be in Basel, come on out to Tibiz this Saturday where Hedreich will be special guest along with Nubya, Guitarist Randy Müller and “da man” on the keys, Greg Galli. It starts at 9PM and if we’re lucky, there’ll be no police action. In the meantime, for all the up to the minute updates join Hedreich’s Facebook fansite. All music, all the time!

Back to the Grind

The Houston Gospel Music Legends event hosted by Kurt Carr and Yolanda Adams was an extravaganza extrordinaire. As a presenter, Hedreich’s role was relaxed enough so that she could enjoy the festivities of the evening with “Legends” she’s known since childhood. One of the event’s highlights was Hedreich sitting in as drummer on the award winning “Order My Steps” sung by Barbara Johnson Tucker, who happens to be Hedreich’s Godmother. It goes without saying that presenting the BC&S Music Excellence award on behalf of her mother–Brenda Waters– was a very special honor.
Now safely again ensconced in the Swiss Alps, the unpacking will have to wait. In addition to all the vacation paperwork piles, Hedreich has been invited to work on a Michael Jackson tribute project with Al Walser, Nubya, Phil and Tanya Dankner and Jesse Brown. The project is spearheaded by Jermaine Jackson and is slated to be released for August 29th, Michael Jackson’s birthday. Check back in a few days to see how the session went. In the mean time, we’ll keep a light on for ya…