Hedreich Nichols

New Year

It’s All So Beautiful

20141126_123848A child of the 70s has arrived in StarDate “twenty-fifteen”! I remember when 20anything sounded far away and futuristic. And now we have arrived. While recently watching an episode of Star Trek TOS I enjoyed seeing how many things we have that good old Gene Roddenberry “saw” in the 60s. Flip phones, Siri, translators and stun guns have all been in use in some form or other. And yet it is a very different world from the one we watched from the bridge of the Enterprise.  From my perch on the bridge of a ziplining course, we are still here on earth and will be in the foreseeable future. You would think that would make us live more purposefully as a species. And maybe, this time of year, we do. For a short time, the year is new and we dive into it full of Great Resolutions to do Great Things. Usually by March, magazines stop featuring new diets and even paying for the gym membership wont get us off the sofa. Weekly date nights with spouses fall by the wayside and we have indeed screamed at our kids. More than once.

I have an idea. How about we stop making Great Plans excepting this: Be grateful, be forgiving and live purposefully. That’s it. Wake up, be thankful and remember that each moment is a gift. Hey, even the lousy ones are preferable to the alternative. So just be the best you you can be, each day. Some moments will be stellar. Many will have you crying for do-overs. But forgiveness starts with self. There are no do-overs. So just simply, do your best, as bestest as it can be in any given moment. That’s my plan. And I am finding, moment by purposeful moment, life can be Oh. So. Beautiful!

Moving Forward, Looking Back

As with most of us, the coming year’s end is a time where we look back over the year, hopefully without too many regrets. It’s also the time where we feel the excitement of a new year fast approaching, ripe with new possibilities.

For the first time in almost two decades, Hedreich will be celebrating Thanksgiving, Christmas and the New Year on the home shores of Texas. After many seasons performing and singing on wonderful stages all over Europe, this year will be a quiet departure from the status quo, setting the stage for a whole new chapter. But in the meantime, she’ll be sharing sounds and images of performances gone by. Stop in over the next few weeks for a few highlights like this one. Here she is with Joe Sample and the Crusaders on Germany’s Ohne Filter back in the late 80s.

Top Athletes Take a Musical Break

Young Athletes at the Olympic Training Center and Sport School Glarus got special Christmas instruction to close out 2011. Since Hedreich’s talent on the slopes in no way can match her vocal skills, the kids got a break from training and learned a couple of fun songs and even a dance! Most impressive were the teachers who showed not only can they coach, teach and administrate, but sing and dance as well! Next up, Die Show nach Zehn. But first, the team here at hedreich.com wishes you a peaceful end to 2011 and a happy and fulfilling New Year!

Countowndown to 2012

With ESC a thing of the past and only 3 appearances till the holidays, Hedreich is already working on next year’s line-up. An exciting year with live concerts and master classes, it looks like the singing commuter will be able to rack up quite a few frequent flyer miles! And if you are in the mood for song and comedy, Hedreich will be making her “Mad”-esque debut on Nachtfieber in Olten just before ringing in the new year. It’ll be a great evening of comedy and song. Don’t miss it!