Hedreich Nichols


Seasons Change

Chris n clownie in herbstwaldAs you know, there have ben a lot of things in the air. Some balls have dropped, some are still spinning mid-air. One thing’s for sure: THIS season is coming to a championship ending! I played hard, had a lot of wins and I can almost see the view from the mountain top! As with all games, there is a lag time between the season’s end and the championship game. I’m still waiting on that one and when it gets here, I’ll tell ya aaaaallllll about it. Meanwhile, time to enjoy fall’s color concerto. To get you started, here’s my all-time favorite autumn picture.

Starting Over

hedreich and olafAmazing how time really does fly when you’re having fun. Except for a moment or two, this was just the greatest summer! I saw Elsa and Anna and Olaf at Disney, hit water park slides, amusement park coasters, rode trails,  swam lakes, saw knights and medieval instruments of torture, had friends and family visit and visited with friends and family. All this fun I had in the company of the world’s most wonderful 10 year old. And then, almost without warning, Summer was over and there were a host of new starts. A pair of Harry Potter-esque glasses and a new school for my 5th grader. Fitting an ‘upright’ into the car for the school orchestra’s newest bassist.  The search for a Boy Scout troop as he earns his Arrow of Light. For me, finding a single-mom-student-budget car to replace my wheezing mom-mobile before she leaves us stranded on the road. Getting rid of the post-divorce trauma poundage. Training for my first 5k ever. Oh and starting the last semester before getting on the licensure train to graduation and certification. Talk about the dog days of summer being over!

The sudden cold snap reminded me that we are not frozen, stuck in any one stage of life. Seasons change. After a very, VERY long season of difficulty and challenge, it seems that my day to day challenges resemble more closely a spring than an impending fall. I am deeply grateful for a moment of respite and even more grateful for a loving Father who safely guided me through the darkest of times.

For the first time in forever, I’m enjoying starting over.